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Bailey bolts out of her own just-finished surgery (she knew she was finished when she and one of the OR nursed agreed to disagree about whether Conan's first week back in late night was a success or not) and races down the hall to where Avery has just declared time of death on Ms. Cortez. Oh dear. Bailey, having now lost another one, despairs, but Avery and his insanely gorgeous eyes are not trying to accept responsibility here. "Post-op pancreatectomies always get fistulas!" he protests. "I didn't screw this up! They always get fistulas and then they get severe complications and then they die!" Bailey keeps trying to calm him down, but it's not happening. "I did what you said! You told me to open here up and you weren't here! I tried to fix it! This is not my damn fault!" Bailey finally yells at him to shut the fuck up already and get out of her OR.

Strummy-strummy heartbreak music continues as we return to Cristina in her suddenly immaculate and newly-furnished apartment (did she also hire sturdy gentlemen to unpack everything and disassemble the boxes and bind them with twine and then take them off to be recycled and then place her various knickknacks around the loft and buy food and drinks and while she took a much-needed shower? Because that all seemingly got done. No, apparently that was all Callie, while Cristina sat down and opened a bottle of wine. Derek ascends the steps to the apartment, but he's insanely early. Cristina is worried he came here to convince her to come back. He says he's not, but a bunch of other people will be. "Oh God," Cristina despairs.

Kepner hits the on-call room, where Alex is having an anger nap. She just wants him to know how awful she thinks Stark is, but oh by the way, she totally stood up for Alex during the surgery, and she's going to talk to the Chief about how perfect Alex was even though he got no credit for it. Of course, all Alex cares about is the child. But Kepner's not finished telling him how great he is, and that combined with the on-call setting means it's time for Alex to do what he does: have sex with women who should know better. Off come the shirts, and Kepner tentatively reminds him that she's, like, a virgin and stuff. He asks if she wants to stop, but boy doesn't she. They kind of frantically make out for a moment, but Kepner wants to maybe slow it down a bit, first time and all. She starts to say "I need..." but that triggers something in Alex's damaged little brain, and so he flips out on her about how he can't take care of her little virgin feelings while he's just trying to get some. Oh, here we go. Time for Angry Cad Alex, which generally leads to Sexy Damaged Alex, which then leads to Let's Get Married Despite Your Brain Tumor Alex, which then leads to Sexy Mopey Alex. So he yells at April that she's not a child and he can't take care of her, or of everybody in this place. He storms off in his little black wifebeater, hopefully past a station full of nurses who make this face at each other, because you know how many times they've seen this before.

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