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Altman goes to do post-op on the Emir, but she finds his room empty. Day shows up to tell her he's already en route back to Vaguely-Rendered Arab Emirates. He tells her she did a good job, and in fact is only sticking around to thank her and say it was nice meeting her. Their handshake goodbye lingers for quite a bit, making me think this isn't the last we'll see of him. Heeeeey, Dr. Altman, get some of that.

Housewarming. Mark greets the Interventionists (Mere, Hunt, and Altman), telling them wine's on the table and beer's in the fridge. (Hunt: "We have a fridge?") Mark then abdicates hosting duties to Hunt while he plops down next to an increasingly drunk Callie. She asks if she can move in with him -- not in a rebound-y way, just until she can get the subletter out of her apartment. Besides, she's starting over from scratch and doesn't want to do that alone. Uh-huh. Mark assents, then comments on Callie's hair, which is shorter and wilder and appears to have blue streaks in it. ...You guys, they're going to start having sex again. Lord help me.

Kepner shows up and immediately starts apologizing to Hunt for not bringing a housewarming gift. The apology turns to hyperventilating turns to stammering turns to crying, until Avery finally pulls her aside to find out what's wrong.

Dear Grey's writers: I really dig the brother-sister vibe Avery and Kepner have right now. Please don't have them sleep together, ever. I know Kepner's the new emotionally unstable Izzie, and Avery is the new 007, but please don't do that to me again. Signed, Joe R.

Hunt just wants to know where the hell Cristina is. Turns out, she's up on the roof, sharing a bottle of wine with Derek. I will say, much as he continues to be a thorn in my ass, I have enjoyed how this season is exploring the heretofore unexplored Cristina-Derek relationship. "If you're asking my opinion," he tells her solemnly, "I think you should. I think you absolutely have to. You should keep and refinish the original floors." Swerve! Not career advice but home talk! Tricky! Cristina, ever the anti-traditionalist, wonders why she has to -- didn't Derek and Mere do bamboo or something? (The drunken spin Sandra Oh puts on "bamboo or something" is a subtle gem.) Derek says they were building their house from scratch -- Cristina and Hunt have original oak floors and the building is historic. Cristina ultimately knows he's right. What I like about this conversation is that it's obviously a metaphor and the only way anybody's going to even slightly get through to Cristina, but it's not like a 1:1 perfect analogy. Derek's just trying to get her thinking rationally about something again. He pours her another glass.

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