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Kepner and a visibly annoyed Alex are checking up on a couple kids, and the one -- an albino-looking monster of a child -- keeps firing his ping-pong gun at Alex. Kepner tries to cheer him up, talking about a surgery they could help Stark on today, but somehow Alex isn't so jazzed about a liver transplant on an infant. The kid fires another ping-pong ball at Alex, so her turns and yells at the kid to knock it off (the kid calls him "Jerkface" in return). Of course, Dr. Stark (played by Peter MacNichol, so we know this guy's either a priggish stickler or an underhanded a-hole) walks in just in time to see Alex yelling at one of his patients. He tells Alex to use his "inside voice," then admonishes him for missing rounds this morning. Alex tries to use both the car-trouble excuse AND the feeling-sick excuse, but of course the latter doesn't work so well on a doctor who can simply give you a once-over and know you're hungover at best. He tells Alex and Kepner that they can prep his liver patient for surgery, and hopefully Alex won't be a jerkface about it. After he leaves, Albino Devil-Spawn shoots Alex again, and Alex wrests the gun away from him.

Richard, Altman, and Hunt hit the V.I.P. Lounge (Eddie Vedder's doing a drop-in set at 10!), where they're met by one Ronald Day, of the U.S. State Department. He tells Richard they need to keep access to this patient to necessary personnel only: "No one can know this man is being hospitalized. No one can know this man is in the country." The patient is wheeled by while a cloud of men with cell phones yell urgently in a language that's not English. "Don't tell the press!" and such. Altman and Hunt get to work with chest compressions, while Day tells Richard, "From a global perspective, it would be great if he didn't die."

Back from the break, Hunt's working on President Secrets with the paddles, trying to keep him from dying, while Altman is struggling with medical history that's all written in Arabic. Day explains that the Prez's car was hit by a truck while he was leaving a super-secret meeting that he totally wasn't at, in case anyone asks, but seriously, global political stability is kind of on the line here. Altman gets her Amanpour on about how Prez's death would affect the first free elections in his country and open the door for Al Qaeda -- Day is clearly impressed. "You don't just skip to the crossword, do you?" Altman starts to say how she used to work in that corner of the world, and Day's like, "We know. We're the government. We're invasive." He says the goal is to get the Prez stable enough to be put on a plane home. Altman's like, "Or our goal is to save his life, whatevs." Inside the O.R., Hunt and some docs are working quickly, while the President's right-hand guy (physically and temperamentally he's more Jonathan from 30 Rock, but when he says he considers himself a son to the man, I guess that makes him Charlie from The West Wing) begs them to save his life. Just then, we get the dreaded V-fib ...

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