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Meredith joins Hunt and Altman in their efforts to keep President Incognito from coding. While Day looks on from out in the hall, they get his heart started again. Altman gets a text and asks Hunt about the housewarming party his wife is apparently throwing. Meredith isn't thrilled by how weird Cristina's being. Hunt asks Meredith to talk to her, and Altman thinks they all should, at the party, when Cristina can't get away. Hrm. Mere says she's the last person Cristina wants to talk to. Meanwhile, Day pulls Altman aside and wonders if maybe they could save the party-planning talk for after they save the life of the unconscious head of state. For what it's worth, he says, the Prez is a good man, and it'd be a shame if all he was working for got cut down because of this. Altman's like, "Thanks once again for the added pressure!" Back with Meredith, she's telling Hunt that Cristina needs space, but Hunt says space will lead to her getting locked out of the program. He doesn't think that's what she wants, but by the way he asks Meredith "Do you?" it sure seems like he's asking because he doesn't know.

Bailey is with Ms. Cortez, explaining to her about pancreatic fistulas and how they're draining the pancreatic fluid so it doesn't end up digesting all her other organs. Which is certainly good. Ms. Cortez seems a bit nonplussed, and not thrilled about being back in the hospital, but she trusts Bailey. Avery tells Bailey her OR is ready, so she leaves Avery to monitor the drainage bag (Jackson Avery: still sexy while monitoring a drainage bag), and to make sure the liquid remains clear and that she's not spiking a fever, either of which could signify an abscess or early sepsis or "any number of nasty things." Bailey tells him to remember his first rule of residency: "Eat when you can, sleep when you can, and don't screw with the pancreas."

Alex and Kepner are assisting Stark on the liver transplant, but the liver (which is in fact a graft of an adult liver) has swelled too big to fit into the tiny infant body. Stark's blasé about this -- apparently it happens, one of the many maddening realities of medicine that I'd rather not know -- and even when the baby's BP starts dropping he just packs the cavity with gauze as a stopgap, and says they won't be able to close her up today, and will just have to wait and hope the swelling on the liver goes down. I'm sure this is all standard medical procedure, but Alex and Kepner stand in for the audience as they share twin "Oh no he did NOT" looks. After Stark leaves, Alex voices his concern that the liver is way too big to be ready to close up Lil' Lisa within a day. Kepner worries about organ deterioration or infection. "How is this a solution?" she asks. "It's not," he says. Tension!

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