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Let's Go to the Mall

After the break, Cristina and Callie are furniture shopping, with Callie trying to get Cristina to see how irrational it is that she's seemingly cut Meredith off completely. But because this is Grey's Anatomy, Callie can't talk about someone else for more than three sentences before what she's saying starts to not-so-secretly refer to herself, as she says you can't just cut someone off and pretend they never existed and that you never had a relationship. So, yeah, we're talking about Arizona now. Cristina, to her credit, goes with the flow and starts needling Callie about Arizona's roller-shoes. "How was I okay with that?" Callie laments. "I used to be a lot cooler. I was a lot cooler when I was single." If you could hear the "Jenny from the Block" spin that Sara Ramirez puts on "single" (check it out), you'd know why I put up with Callie even when she's acting a fool. Cristina notes that Callie has hardly ever been single, which is true, as Callie admits. She's looking forward to her new single life, though. But one look in the mirror reminds her she needs to hit the hairdresser first. Cristina's like, "Yeah, after I purchase this entire living room floor display and then ask for same-day delivery and them most likely exhibit more textbook manic-depressive behavior."

Stark is updating Lisa's parents on the surgery, spinning it as an entirely successful surgery that, while they want to monitor some post-op swelling, is generally reason to exhale. Mr. and Mrs. Lisa are understandably relieved, but Alex and Kepner are understandably troubled. They follow Stark into the hall, where Alex peppers him with reasons why he should've told them the full story. Stark says he wasn't about to give them new reasons to worry, they're too worried as it is. Alex snaps that Stark isn't worried enough, but when Stark challenges him to name something else they could possibly do, Alex can't. Stark says in that case, stick to the things he can do, like Stark's post-ops. "You tried," Kepner tells Alex, then watches him longingly as he stomps off all sexily tortured by his inability to help sick children.

Cut to the caf, where Alex has apparently decided to deal with these new frustrations by shooting the ping-pong gun at Avery, Lexie, and Kepner. Avery grouses to Kepner about how Bailey doesn't trust him to do much more than watch fluid drip into a bag. Lexie tells him to take an easy day when he can get it. She also grabs the ping-pong gun from Alex when he gets overzealous with it. Kepner explains his bad mood, noting that "New Robbins is no Robbins at all." Meredith shows up with her Secret Service bodyguard, and the kids all ask her what it's like treating Bono. Lexie also asks if she's going to Cristina's party, then shoots her with the ping-pong gun when she says she doesn't know. Alex grabs one of the balls away from Lexie, stares at it for a second, then takes off.

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