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Let's Go to the Mall

After the break, Meredith and Derek are scrubbing in, and he's trying to wrap his head around the notion of Cristina -- Cristina Yang -- throwing a party of any kind. Meredith says she is, and at said party, they're all going to try to talk to her about returning to the program. She thinks Derek should come too, since he quit once and then came back. He reminds her that when he did that, she tried to talk him into coming back, and he hit her engagement ring with a baseball bat. He tells her -- orders her? -- not to talk to Cristina. And when Altman and Hunt enter, he says it again: "No intervention on Cristina Yang!"

Kepner comes upon Alex, who is sterilizing a ping-pong ball. When Stark comes in, he explains that the ball could be their perfect solution to Lil' Lisa's liver problem. It could keep the liver from compressing her blood vessels, and since it's celluloid and not plastic, it won't deteriorate like a sponge will. Alex (and Kepner for that matter) beams like a kid who just came home with straight A's on his report card, but Stark is reserved. He says he left Alex to do his post-ops and "here I find you playing with balls." He sighs and wonders whether he'll have to speak with Alex's supervisor. NOW who's the Jerkface, huh?

At the mall, Callie's getting her hair did while Cristina looks out at the mall people like they're behind glass at a zoo. Observe as the mall people slowly go about their day, with nothing better to do but gnaw on soft pretzels and gab about relationships. {Much like her reaction to discovering the not-so-wild world of dermatology. -- Angel] Not for nothing, Cristina, but replace "soft pretzels" with "the occasional organ transplant" and you've got a regular day at Seattle Grace. Callie asks Cristina if that's what she's going to do, become a mall person. When the question becomes too much about the unspoken elephant in the room -- Cristina's medical career -- Cristina decides to get up and buy a pretzel.

Avery updates Bailey on Ms. Cortez's draining: no change. She's off to do surgery, and he asks if he can scrub in. Exasperated, she says she needs him to monitor Ms. Cortez, which of course Avery takes as a statement on his ability as a doctor. He sulks off while Bailey goes in to surgery.

Derek, Meredith, Hunt, and Altman are all performing surgery on the Emir's open heart and brain. Which, in case you were wondering, is apparently the perfect venue to continue their conversation about whether or not they should have an intervention for Cristina. In case you've forgotten, Derek is taking the "con" position. Rudely interrupting this conversation is the Emir, who once again goes into V-fib. Altman needs to use the paddles on his heart, but it means Derek has to first extricate his instruments from the man's brain. Altman gets impatient at having to wait, but Derek's eventually out, and the get the heart beating again. And presumably now they're free to resume sniping at each other about personal matters.

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