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Alex asks a nurse about Dr. Stark's discharges, which is when he learns that Stark went back into surgery on Lil' Lisa. He heads for the observation deck, where he sees Stark -- assisted by Kepner and Richard -- employing Alex's ping-pong ball technique. He's even impressing Richard with pretty much the same bullet points Alex made to him about the benefits of the ball. Kepner is grossed out by this and finally asks Stark if this was his idea or Alex's. Stark glares at her and says, "Let's just see if it works." Alex sulks from up in the observation deck and finally storms off. Feelings! Feelings everywhere!

Speaking of feelings getting in the way of practicing good medicine, Avery pops in to check on Ms. Cortez and finds her nearly delirious and shaking with fever. Her drainage bag (never stops being sexy to type "drainage bag") is now filling up with blood. He orders a nurse to get Dr. Bailey. Cut to Bailey in surgery, saying she's almost done and that Avery needs to get Ms. Cortez into an OR, open her up, and wait for her. Avery's kind of freaked out at the "open her up" part, but okay.

After a quick commercial break, Avery, having hoped that Bailey would make it out of her surgery by the time it came to begin his, does indeed open up Ms. Cortez. And so begins the weekly Grey's Anatomy Storyline-Tying-Together Haunting Song Cue.

Back in heart/brain surgery, Derek is still sniping at Altman, technically about how she needs to work faster so he can start working on whatever he needs to, but everybody knows why he's really being snippy. Altman finally lays it all out: she tried everything with Cristina, from coddling to tough love to low pressure to high pressure, and nothing worked. "Yang was my student," she says, "don't you think that I wanted to help her." Derek gets clear to go brain-diving, which at Seattle Grace is apparently like holding the conch shell because now he gets to speak. He says they all tried to help Cristina and they all failed; now's the time to back off. Hunt snaps that she's his wife and he's not going to back off and give up on her. Meredith then snaps that they all clearly have the same goal, to get Cristina back, so let's focus on that. Or perhaps on the patient whose heart and brain are exposed to an open OR and are also coincidentally ceasing to function. Derek finally calms down long enough to state the blazingly obvious: that he's so worked up about this because Cristina saved his life. They all kind of silently acknowledge this. Then Meredith quietly says that he's asking them all to just do nothing, and they can't do that. She can't do that. Derek understands. And with their argument having been quelled, it's time to close this patient up. Because that's when you know surgery is over. Sweet Jesus in the cradle.

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