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Last week, on Trees in Men, Bailey told Izzie that she should return to the program, Callie got kicked out of the hospital basement, and Meredith told Finn and McDreamy that she wanted to date them both.

The Meredith voice-over tells us about a surgeon's typical fantasy, which apparently involves performing lifesaving surgery using only the contents of a small grocery store. Or something. While she's talking, the camera is moving over her bed, and we get a really lovely swirly series of shots of her artfully posed in bed with a sheet just up to here, if you know what I mean, and one leg delicately sticking out from beneath the covers. Very nice. Meredith V.O.: "But every now and then, some other kind of fantasy slips in." Mere rolls over to find McDreamy mcdreamily staring at her. He wishes her a good morning, and they kiss. And then he looks over her shoulder and says "Good morning" to Finn, who's in bed on the other side of Meredith. Both men are shirtless, by the way, and there's a bluesy harmonica and guitar composition playing in the background. Finn agrees that it is a good morning, and Meredith rolls over and gives him a kiss. Finn asks her, "Did you get any sleep last night?" Meredith: "Not really." McDreamy: "You want to get some now?" Meredith: "Not really." Do I really want Meredith in this scene? Not really. We cut to an overhead shot, and both men move in to kiss Meredith. I fully expect (hope? dream?) that they'll both miss her and end up finding each other, but what really happens is that some loud noise wakes up Meredith. When she awakes, we see that she's wearing her Dartmouth t-shirt and is covered with a heavy down comforter. Mere's VO tells us that most fantasies dissolve upon waking, but sometimes you can be certain that if you try hard enough, you can slip back into that dream. She firmly closes her eyes, trying to find her way back to her mini-harem, but the noise that woke her up continues, so she decides to get her ass out of bed.

Mere emerges from her room to tell George that he ruined a really good dream. The hallway is lined with boxes, and George tripped on a couple of them (which is the noise that woke Meredith). George tells Meredith that all the boxes belong to Callie. Mere thinks he's apologizing to her for having a long-term guest, and she tells him she really doesn't mind. He claims not to mind either, but he clearly does. And then he walks up to Mere and whispers to her, "Kick her out." Meredith is a bit confused, since George was the one who told Callie she could move in. But what George really told Callie was that she could stay for a couple of days. It's now been over a week, and Callie's boxes have shown up, and she's using George's computer, and he's desperate for Mere to kick her out. Callie chooses that moment to emerge from the bathroom, chastely wrapped in a towel. She tells them that she's used up all the hot water, so they may want to wait to use the shower. George gives Mere a look and quietly begs her to kick Callie out. And then Izzie walks up and asks if she can get a ride to the hospital. She's decided to go in to speak to the Chief and see about returning to the program. Meredith looks genuinely thrilled at this news. After Izzie leaves, Callie turns back to George and Meredith. She thinks that Izzie coming back to the hospital is good news, but seems confused by the fact that George does not look happy. He just tells her, "That's my towel." She apologizes, walks up them, and hands the towel to George. George and Meredith are both speechless. George takes the towel and walks into the bathroom. Callie tells Meredith, "He's really moody in the mornings." Mere, laughs, agrees, and checks out Callie's ass as she walks away.

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