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Izzie is still standing in front of the hospital. Burke walks up to her and asks her if she's coming or going. She's not sure. Neither is he. But I'm sure that we're going to commercial.

Meredith and McDreamy walk down the hall. She busts his chops for his display of macho superiority in front of Finn, but I don't think she really wants him to stop. Because if she did, she wouldn't have gone along with it. And then he does a little more dick-waving, talking about how Finn is out of his league and how cute it is that he thinks he can compete with the Great and Powerful McDreamy. And then he points her in the direction of Taylor and tells her to start prepping him for surgery. She tells him that she was under the distinct impression that the surgery was imminent, but he tells her it actually doesn't start until 4:00. And that's where I call foul play! It was stupid of Finn to schedule a date in the hospital where his rival works, but that's no excuse for McDreamy to lie to Meredith in order to break that date up. That was an assy move.

Cristina walks down a corridor and sees Burke in the Chief's office. The Chief appears to be sitting on his desk. Cristina smiles, but I can't tell if the smile says "I'm happy Burke is off his ass," or "I can't believe he acted all lame and infirm when he was actually fit enough to come to the hospital."

Alex preps Megan for her CT scan. She's nervous about how much all of the procedures are going to cost her foster parents, and once again proclaims that the whole thing is stupid. And then she asks the tech to punch her in the stomach. Alex really wishes she would stop doing that. At this point I'm kind of wishing someone would take her up on it.

Bailey is in the CT control room when Addison walks up to her. Apparently, Bailey wanted a consult. From the OB/GYN specialist. Are they thinking that Megan might be pregnant? Because I don't think getting hit in the stomach with a non-metaphorical baseball bat really poses any danger of that. And what is Addison's specialty? Sometimes she's dealing with pregnant women (or women with various lady-part issues) and sometimes she seems to be taking care of tiny babies. I know the lady-part doctors and the tiny baby doctors have a moment of connection, but I thought they were pretty distinct types of medicine. In any case, Addison seems a bit sheepish. Bailey notes that she hasn't seen Addison since she was at Joe's sucking down martinis. Which was a week ago. Or a day ago. Or three weeks ago. Addison claims to be over her martini-drinking phase, and she asks Bailey, "We talked about...?" Bailey: "A lot of things." Addison: "And I remember...?" Bailey: "None of them." They both agree that's a good thing. Alex enters the room and they start talking about the patient. As Addison and Bailey are speaking, an image comes up on the screen. Alex asks what they hell they are seeing.

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