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Burke walks across the Bridge of Sighs. He runs into George, who seems excited to see him and asks how his arm is. Burke gives a non-cheerful non-answer, and George tells him that everyone misses him. Burke starts to walk away, and then turns back to tell George that Izzie is still standing outside the hospital.

McDreamy, Cristina, and Meredith perform Taylor's surgery. The interns answer some medical questions, and then McDreamy notes that he saw Burke in the hospital. Cristina notes that he was there meeting with the Chief, and McDreamy asks if he was working out the details of his leave of absence. Cristina seems shocked at the very notion.

George walks out of the hospital and tells Izzie that she's been standing there quite a while. Yeah, about eight hours by my count. What kind of shoes is she wearing? Because those suckers must give some great support. Izzie claims that she's stood in different spots over the course of the day, and gets pretty angry when George suggests she sit down. And then Izzie gives a speech about how she never got into the whole girly bride thing. In fact, she claims to hate the idea. But now that her fiancé has died in this hospital, she can't seem to think about anything but that crap. George tries to pull her to a seat, and she looks like she might deck him. Izzie: "I'm going to do it, George. I'm going to walk through those doors. I just need to make sure that when I'm standing in front of the Chief of Surgery, I am not thinking about my wedding dress." She thinks she may need another minute or so to get to that point.

George is with Jasper, giving him the standard precautions about the risks of surgery. Jasper is familiar with the speech and just asks for the consent form so he can sign it. George really wants to give the whole speech, so Jasper tells him he can give it to him when he comes back in for hip surgery. He's planning on doing that in the fall, after some other triathlon. George looks a bit upset, and then asks Jasper if he still wants to meet his ankle donor.

Bailey is telling Mr. and Mrs. Foster Parent that Megan is suffering from abdominal bleeding. Foster Dad gets defensive, thinking that Bailey is once again accusing him of hitting Megan. She clarifies that she's not, and apologizes for suspecting them in the first place. But all the times Megan got punched in the stomach have had a serious effect, and if they don't perform some surgery right away she will die. Foster Mom gets a bit weepy, but Bailey stresses the need to perform the surgery immediately. And then Alex notices that Megan has disappeared from the wheelchair in which she was sitting.

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