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Cristina gets off the elevator and runs into Burke...who has been wandering around the hospital the entire time she was in surgery? He explains that he was making notes on all his open cases so the Chief could reassign them. Which I guess explains why he's still there, but leaves open the question of who's been handling his cases in the week or three weeks (or whatever) since he was shot. Cristina asks him if he's really taking a leave of absence. She wonders if he's going to need more than a week, and notes that he's already three weeks into physical therapy. Which means that he was shot at least three weeks ago, all other evidence that only days have passed since the prom be damned. Unless he started his physical therapy before he was shot, which is entirely possible given the lack of attention this show gives to continuity. Burke tells her that recovery from the kind of surgery he had will take months or years, not weeks. He starts talking about all of the obstacles to full recovery, but she thinks that he won't have to face any of those because he's just a superior kind of guy. And then he leaves. Commercials.

Hey, it's a Cardassian. Or a corpse in the morgue, which George is now entering with Jasper. Jasper asks if the corpse is his guy, and George tells him that's another guy that died the previous night during his liposuction surgery. Jasper is all sexist and surprised at the idea that lipo is performed on men. Personally, I'm surprised that it's performed on someone as skinny as that corpse. Unless maybe he didn't die until after they sucked all the fat out of him. George opens one of those morgue drawers and shows Jasper a fairly old looking guy. Of course, he's dead and completely pale, which may make him look older. Jasper is shocked at the idea that they would be giving him an ankle from such an old guy. George points out that the cadaver is two years younger than Jasper. Which I guess is supposed to make Jasper feel bad, or something. I would think it would make him feel good about still being such a stud at his advanced age.

Callie is looking at the board. She asks all and sundry what happened to her ankle surgery. She had an O.R. booked for 3:00 (which we know is in the past at this point) and it's not on the board. A nurse tells her the surgery was canceled because Jasper went home. Callie wonders why the hell he would do that, and then thinks she knows the answer when George walks around the corner. But he's saved from her wrath when Bailey tells him to start looking for Megan, who is still lost.

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