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Yatta! Hello, Seattle!

Mere V.O.: "The fantasy is simple. Pleasure is good. And twice as much pleasure is better. That pain is bad, and no pain is better." We see Addison arriving at Seattle's only hotel and telling the desk clerk that she absolutely doesn't want any calls put through. I love that she can barely remember her room number, due to all the alcohol and sex from the past [days] [week] [three weeks] since she first checked in. And then we see Callie checking in, the Chief checking for messages, and McSteamy checking in -- and trying to get a room on the same floor as Addison. The Chief recognizes McSteamy and asks him what he's doing in town. McSteamy: "I don't know. I have a thing for ferry boats."

We see Cristina arrive at Burke's (which I guess I should stop calling his place, since it's her place now, too). She plops three chickens down on the countertop and Burke asks her if she's going to cook for him. She tells him that she certainly is not, but that she is going to make sure he works very hard to recover so he can return to work. And then she takes a cleaver, chops a chicken in half with one blow, tosses him a suture kit, and tells him to put it back together.

Mere's V.O. continues, telling us that reality can't live up to the fantasy. Pain actually serves a purpose. Izzie is still standing in front of the hospital. Alex walks up to her and puts his coat on her shoulders. She starts to tell him that she knows she'll be able to go in the hospital. He asks her if it hurts, and she collapses in on herself a bit and sighs, "Yeah." He tells her that maybe it hurts for a reason. And then he takes her by the arm and leads her home.

Meredith is sitting on her bed. She's just cracked open the ice cream. Maybe it didn't turn into a quart -- maybe it's just a perspective thing. Like, in Finn's massive hands it seemed like a tiny little pint and now in Meredith's tiny little mitts it looks like a massive quart. I don't know. Meredith sees Izzie in her doorway. Izzie admits that she didn't go into the hospital. Meredith is unfazed and tells her that she might be able to do it the next day. And then Izzie hops onto the bed for some ice cream. George is now in the hallway outside Meredith's room. He tells them that Callie moved out. He says that it's a relief, but he doesn't look very relieved. Izzie holds out the ice cream, and George joins them in the bed. And it's all very cozy and sweet. And I think this is a much better threeway for Meredith than the one that started the episode.

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