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McSteamy and his large, pale chest (and tiny little nipples) are in bed, telling Addison that he doesn't really have to fly back to New York that day. She's getting dressed, and she tells him that he really does, because while all the sex was great, she has to get back to work and get back to her life. And while McSteamy is just as hot and moist-making as his nickname implies, I would probably be itching for a little alone time after a solid week of sex with him. So I can see where Addison is coming from. But McSteamy can't -- he smiles, reaches up, and pulls Addison down to the bed with him. By the way, what is up with his facial hair? It reminds me of the fuzz on my old G.I. Joe, which was basically velveteen glued to Joe's face. Does that style have a name? I'll call it the Velveteen Joe. Also, I think I would be suspicious of a plastic surgeon with a beard. What's he trying to hide? Some scars from a bad surgery? Or does he have some terrible flaw that can't be corrected by modern medicine?

At Burke and Yang's House of Love, Cristina walks into the kitchen and sees a disheveled Burke lying on the sofa, bouncing a rubber ball off the wall. He's clearly planning his big prison break. He's also using his left hand to bounce the ball, which is not the hand that was injured in the shooting. Cristina suggests that he try to throw the ball with his injured hand, since the whole point of the ball is to help him regain strength and dexterity. Using his right hand, he whips the ball at an innocent coffee mug that's sitting on a table in the living room. He nails it, knocking over the mug and spilling coffee anywhere. Cristina is as shocked as I am at the fact that he just spilled coffee in his own house. Even more shocking is that Burke doesn't want her to clean it up, telling her, "It doesn't matter."

Izzie, George, Callie, and Meredith walk towards the hospital. Callie tells George that since their shifts end at different times, she should probably get a copy of the house key. He immediately says, "No!" and then tells her that it's more romantic if they go home together. Izzie is wearing the hideous sweater she made for Denny, which is sweet and all, but perhaps not the best attire for an important meeting at which her professional future will be decided. She stops a little ways back from the front door of the hospital. Meredith notices, and tells her that everything will be fine. George and Callie come back, and George tells her that everyone wants her to return to work. The Chief will act all mad, but he'll eventually let her back in. Izzie tells them that she just wants to think about what she's going to say to the Chief, and tells them to go ahead without her.

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