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As McDreamy walks away, the other elevator opens and Finn walks out. Mere is a) surprised, b) happy, c) worried that McDreamy will see Finn, and d) suspicious that she's still dreaming. And Ellen Pompeo conveys all four of those feelings in about 1.5 seconds. He makes a lame joke about being in the neighborhood, and then she tells him that she had a dream about him. Cristina hears this and immediately realizes that Meredith had a little REM ménage à trois. Or perhaps she thinks Meredith had a dream in which Finn and McDreamy were going at it. In any case, Cristina knows what a dirty girl Meredith is. Finn asks what he was doing in the dream, and Cristina wonders the same thing. Meredith sees a small bag in Finn's hand and takes the opportunity to change the subject, asking him what he's got. What he's got is apparently coffee cake for Meredith. And then he asks her to dinner that night. Because he also apparently decided to wait a week. (Or the people in charge of continuity on this show were all fired or are all drunk or stoned.) Cristina wonders whether Meredith might possibly be free for a date that evening. Mere isn't, of course, so she declines the invitation. And then Finn suggests that they have lunch together. At the hospital. Because nothing says "romance" like a meal at your beloved's place of employment. That is the worst date idea ever. Meredith accepts, and Finn walks away. Cristina thinks it's very cool that Meredith had a dirty, dirty dream about Finn and McDreamy. "Just when I think you're boring, you rise." Meredith: "I'm dating. And it comes with snacks."

Outside the hospital, a very rushed-looking Alex greets Izzie. She tells him that she's going to go in to see the Chief any minute now. He's running late, so he doesn't do much besides congratulate her on her return before running into the hospital.

Alex, now dressed in his scrubs, walks up to Cristina, Meredith, and George, who are eating Meredith's coffee cake. He grabs one piece, but when he tries to grab a second, Cristina nearly takes his hand off. She knows how to set limits. Bailey walks up to them and very firmly gives them their marching orders. In brief, Meredith is doing paperwork, Cristina is working with McDreamy, Alex is working with Addison in OB-GYN, and George has been specially requested by Callie. Bailey walks away, but not before giving them all the tiniest hint of a smile. Cristina is confused by the good cheer, but Alex thinks it's because Izzie's coming back. George is hacked off that he's going to have to spend the day with his hot, dirty girlfriend. Meredith tells George to just tell Callie that he's not ready to live together. Meredith: "And then try dating. Dating's fun." It is if the guys you're dating don't wait around forever to actually ask you on a date.

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