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Alex is snarfing down the last of the coffee cake when Addison calls his name and asks him if he's ready. She looks a bit disheveled and not in a very good mood. He asks her if she's not getting sick of making him work on all those lady parts. (The lady parts of the patients, I mean -- I don't think Alex has been anywhere near Addison's lady parts). Addison's phone rings -- whomever she's speaking with is having some kind of problem and needs her for five minutes. She tells Alex to entertain himself in the pit, and he asks her if she's having "personal problems." She tells him to beat it and then looks very tired. She must be worn out from all the sex. Alex literally skips away from her, by the way. Do you think someone's happy that Izzie is coming back to work? (Especially now that her fiancé is dead).

In the pit, a nurse hands a chart to Alex and tells him that it's the patient's fourth visit in three months. Alex walks up to Little Miss Sunshine and her foster parents. LMS, a.k.a. Megan, is the patient. She immediately tells Alex her injury's not as bad as it looks. Foster Mom says that she fell on the playground and that there was a lot of blood. And Foster Dad tells Alex that he knows it must look like they are a couple of child-abusers, but they really aren't. It's just that Megan "plays rough." Foster Dad is prepared for Alex's suspicion and presents Megan's case file, which shows that her history of injuries began way before she became their foster child. Alex still doesn't believe them and gets rid of them by sending them to the nurses' station to get Megan's file copied while he examines her. Alex starts to chat with Megan, noting all of her nasty-looking bruises. He sees what looks like another injury on her arm. (The edge is just peeking out from under the sleeve of her cute little sweater). She claims she fell off her bike and snatches her arm back, but he holds her hand and slides her sleeve up. There's a deep cut on her arm, with three staples holding it together. It's revolting. I will get you for this, Shonda. Alex is gobsmacked and angrily asks Megan if her foster parents did this to her. She denies it and tells him that she did it herself because she didn't want to go to the doctor. Alex is doubtful. I'm wondering how the hell her foster parents didn't notice the enormous weeping gash on her arm. She asks Alex to stitch up her leg so they can leave, and he tells her that he's going to see to it that her foster parents never hurt her again. She tells him that they're the best foster parents she's ever had. Megan: "They don't hurt me. I can't be hurt!" She senses that Alex doesn't believe her and tells him to punch her in the stomach. Alex does not punch the little girl in the stomach. Instead, he prepares a shot of local anesthetic and tells her that he'll have to give her a shot to numb the pain while he removes the staples. Again, she tells him that she's immune to pain. And then to prove it, she reaches into her arm and pulls out each of the three staples. Of course, she doesn't have a staple remover, so she has to use her teeth to remove the last one. (I do the same thing at work -- but with legal documents, not arms.) Alex is stunned that she shows no sign of pain. She looks around stealthily, pulls him in close to her and whispers, "I have super powers, okay?" And now I'm expecting to see Bad Glasses Man. If he brings Mohinder along with him, I won't mind. Although perhaps all the continuity problems could be explained if we learned that Hiro was hanging around and messing with the space-time continuum.

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