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Alex carries a basin of ice water to Megan's bed. She asks where her parents are. He tells her that they're speaking to "some grownups," and she demonstrates that her powers include super sassiness when she points out that she's smart enough to know that her parents are speaking with a social worker. Alex tries to bring her back to reality by noting that her injuries aren't normal, but she responds that she gets in a lot of fights because she has a duty to use her powers to defend the weak and wimpy kids on the playground. She wants to know why he wants her to stick her hands in the ice water. When he tells her it's a test of her super powers, she once again demands that he punch her in the stomach. He convinces her to do the ice water thing by agreeing to compete with her to see who can leave his or her hand in the longest. He tells her to remove her hand when it starts to hurt, and she responds, "What are you, deaf? It won't. Start. To hurt." She then explains her theory of superheroes, which is that they are all kids who are orphans that discover they have powers at around her age. Alex, with his hand in the ice water, is squirming.

Addison enters Joe's bar. What do you know, McSteamy is there. He tells her that his flight was grounded on account of bad weather. She points out that it's a perfectly cloudless day, and he claims that New York is experiencing its first-ever typhoon. He asks her to stay for a drink (in the middle of the workday, very professional), and she declines. (Because she is, in fact, very professional). But he's persistent, and calls over to Joe to bring her a coffee.

Back in Megan's room, she continues to prattle on about superheroes. After a while, she notices that Alex is biting his lip, and asks him what's wrong. He holds out for a few more seconds before pulling his hand out of the water and screaming about how much it hurts. After he recovers his composure, he tells her to pull her hand out before she gets frostbite. She tells him that nobody ever believes her, which is why she's always having to demonstrate her powers. Why, just the other day she had to let a kid punch her in the stomach 25 times and hit her with a baseball bat.

Cristina is performing one last test on Taylor so he can be cleared for surgery. As she finishes, he reaches out and takes his adorable baby in his arms. Taylor tells the baby that they're almost done, but Leanne points out that this is just the beginning, what with the surgery and the recovery. Cristina tells them that Leanne is right: "Recovery's hell on a spouse. It's gonna be harder for you than for him." Cristina starts griping about all the ways Leanne is going to have to take care of Taylor, and she's clearly talking about all the things she has to do for Burke. Cristina: "It's the caretakers who are the silent victims!" Meanwhile, Taylor is trying to attract their attention -- he's about to have another seizure. Cristina emerges from her own self-centered fog just long enough to catch the baby as Taylor collapses. Commercials.

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