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Yatta! Hello, Seattle!

McDreamy examines Taylor. He thinks the seizure shouldn't interfere with the surgery, assuming Taylor still wants to go forward. Taylor looks over at Leanne for approval, and she agrees that it doesn't look like they have any choice.

Meredith and Cristina walk out the front door of the hospital. Izzie is still standing there. She's taken the sweater off in the hot sun and wrapped it around her waist. They naturally assume that she must have already spoken with the Chief, but she tells them that she's going to go in any moment now. Izzie asks what they're up to. Cristina: "She's dating everyone with a pulse, and I'm trying to get Burke out of the bell jar." Speaking of dates, Meredith leaves because she's late to her lunch date with Finn. Cristina continues complaining as Mere leaves: "She's playing the field, and I've got a wife. Where's the justice?" And then Cristina realizes how insensitive that comment might seem to the woman whose fiancé just died. As per usual, that makes her act awkward and run away.

Back at Joe's, Addison is trying to explain to McSteamy that although they "really enjoy each other," they shouldn't try to have a relationship. (She also calls his trip to Seattle "an intercontinental booty call.") While she speaks, McSteamy strokes her hair. She freaks out and tells him to knock it off. He asks the obvious question: "Why?" She tells him that his big sexy hands make it hard for her to think. He presses his case, and she continues to resist. He tells her to come back to New York, and she insists that she's not coming back to New York. He pulls his chair even closer to hers, leans in real close, and whispers, "'Cause it was just about sex?" She's getting all fluttery, and they lean in to kiss each other. But just at the moment of contact, she reaches out and slaps him right across the Velveteen Joe. And then seems utterly shocked by what she just did. He may be suffering from the same condition as Megan, because he just smiles. She stands up, says goodbye, and walks away.

Bailey works on a chart at a nurses' station. The Chief wanders up and asks where Izzie is; she was supposed to be in his office at 9:30. Bailey is sure that Izzie will track him down when she decides to drag her ass in to the hospital. As the Chief leaves, Alex walks up to Bailey and tells her that Megan needs an abdominal CT. Bailey wonders what Megan's belief that she's a superhero has to do with her tummy, pointing out that she herself believed in Santa Claus until she was 11. Alex: "Really? Did Santa ever hit you in the gut with a baseball bat?" If Santa did that, bad little boys and girls would behave a little better, don't you think?

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