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George reports to Callie that all of Jasper's labs are fine, and then asks why he's getting four surgeries in one year. Callie says that it's because he's a super intense athlete whose body takes a beating. See, that would make sense to me if he were getting paid millions of dollars to be a super intense athlete. But if you are constantly having to replace joints and shit and you're not getting paid lots of money, you need to stop doing whatever it is you're doing to your body. George agrees. We also learn that Jasper is 55. Callie thinks that after replacing tons of hips for losers who lost their hips because they couldn't be assed to get any exercise, it's refreshing to replace joints for someone who's actually getting some use out of them. He obviously doesn't agree with her, but also doesn't push the dispute. And then she asks him, "Hey, I was gonna go home for lunch. You want to come?"

Cut George throwing himself down at a table in the cafeteria (with Cristina and Alex). He can't believe that Callie had the nerve to refer to the house as her home. Cristina and Alex shush him up; they're both staring at another table -- the one at which Meredith is having her date with Finn. Alex and Cristina have placed a bet on whether McDreamy will show up to interrupt the date. (Or, as Cristina says, to "challenge Finn to a duel.") They see Meredith laugh, and Cristina thinks Meredith must be faking it because Finn could not possibly be funny. As Cristina does her Meredith impersonation, Mere looks over and stares daggers at her. George is trying to get in on the bet, but all he has on him is $5. The rest of his money is at home, which he can call "home" because he lives there. Alex: "Hey, you're a loser. You like comic books?" George says "no" and then shakes his head yes. That was adorable. Like a toddler. Alex explains about his superhero patient, and George gives a very passionate and non-stammery speech about how superheroes look like anyone until some magic moment during which something that was dormant within them emerges, setting them apart from everyone else. Cristina calls their attention to the main event: McDreamy has entered the cafeteria. He sees Finn and Meredith but walks right on by. He buys something from the cashier and then walks past the lovebirds on his way out. Cristina clearly bet on him to interrupt the date, because she keeps muttering under her breath for him to do something. McDreamy appears to be leaving, so Alex starts to rake in the money. But then McDreamy turns around and approaches Meredith's table. She apologizes in advance for whatever assy thing he's about to do. In fact, his strategy is to invite Meredith to scrub in on a brain surgery. Finn is smart enough to realize that the brain surgery is probably just about to start. Meredith is clearly stoked to scrub in. She apologizes to Finn and says, "I'm an intern. I still have a lot to learn." Finn: "Apparently, so do I." He tells Mere that he doesn't mind if she leaves. She tells him that she'll call him that night, and McDreamy reminds her (and Finn) that she won't call him because she has a date. Finn seems to be taking this in stride, but Meredith looks like she just realized that McDreamy is kind of being an asshole. Cristina and Alex watch this, and Alex thinks he might actually owe Cristina more money.

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