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Once More With Healing

So while Callie is singing -- looking alternately bemused and beatific -- the doctors work quickly on assessing the damage. Real-life Callie, on the gurney, is giving some fantastic eye-acting, as she's completely freaking out at this astral projection of herself going all Next to Normal on us. And it gets doubly freaky when Owen picks up the second verse -- that's when Callie goes into hysterics. By the way, Kevin McKidd and Sara Ramirez sound amazing together, and need to get cast in something where they sing a lot, to each other, with great emotion. Chandra Wilson doesn't do too bad either, and the moment where she's singing and then grasps Callie's panicked, shaking hand? I'm not made of stone, guys.

Meanwhile, Mark finds Arizona and demands to know what happened. "I don't know," she stammers. "I asked her to marry me and a truck came out of nowhere." The doctors wheel Callie into the ER, the singing rising above the cacophony of damage assessment. Arizona and Mark are harping on Lucy to find a fetal heartbeat, which she ultimately does ... just as Callie goes into v-fib. The doctors wheel Callie to the nearest elevator so they can get her up to an OR, leaving Arizona and Mark behind, in shock. "I asked her to marry me and a truck came out of nowhere," Arizona repeats.

After the commercial, it's still chaos around Callie in the OR as the doctors scramble to operate. Lexie notices Callie's eyeballs REMming like crazy and concludes that the anesthesia must be light, causing much commotion and squabbling between the surgeons and anesthesiologists. (Boy, hopefully somebody tells Lexie about this musical episode conceit before she gets Callie gassed to death.) Owen raises his voice and tells everybody to chill the eff out -- being so worked up is only going to lead to a mistake, and they can't afford that. He orders everybody to stand back, take a minute and breathe. Lexie crouches down to Callie's face and whispers that they're going to take care of everything, "just breathe." Hey, that sounds just like that s--

Song: "Breathe (2am)"
Original Artist: Anna Nalick
Performed by: Lexie
Most Portentous Lyric: "Can you help me unravel my latest mistake?"

Derek looks up to the gallery and sees Arizona there but not Mark; he says someone should check in on him, and the Chief tells "little Grey" to do so. So out goes Lexie, singing all the way. The surgery is basically a three-ring circus, with Derek leading the work on Callie's head/brain injury, Hunt and Bailey leading the work on her chest cavity, and Lucy and Alex monitoring the baby. There's still too much chaos, and ultimately too many injuries to make any headway, so Hunt and the Chief make the call to close Callie up before she bleeds out. Kepner, bless her, is like, "What does this all mean?" which gives the grown-ups the chance to explain that they're going to send Callie up to ICU for 24 hours so she can hopefully stabilize and they can attempt surgery again tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Chief wants to know Lucy's plan of action if Callie starts contracting again (which she did during the surgery) and "God forbid, you have to deliver this baby." Lucy is forced to admit that she's "in out of [her] depth" here. Terrifying.

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