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Once More With Healing

All this while, Lexie's still singing about breathing -- a rather lovely little song, and Chyler Leigh does a very respectable job at it, but ultimately it feels more awkwardly placed than "Chasing Cars" did. Especially when she makes it to Mark, despondent in a stairwell, and tries to comfort him through song. He's crying, and he tells her that she doesn't have to do this; "I know you hate me." Lexie looks at him, says, "I don't hate you," and then immediately back into the chorus. Awkward, I'm saying.

Alex finds Arizona up in the gallery and offers to stitch up her forehead. She says she's fine, then breaks down. He puts a hand on her shoulder, while Lexie does the same for Mark, who can only whimper, "She's my best friend," over and over.

After the break, Alex and Lucy are on the roof as a helicopter approaches. Lucy is bitching about getting benched and how bad it makes her look in front of her colleagues, while Alex is all, "She's the best in the business" and more importantly tells her that this is all so very much not about her and maybe she needs to suck it up. And then the helicopter lands and it's Addison. Addison! Oh, I've been hoping that they'd airlift you out of that awful spinoff show and look! Now they've done it.

Addison gets right to work, getting a status report from Kepner and digging into Callie's chart. Lucy meekly tries to offer some help, but Addison bites her head off, ticks off the list of shit Lucy did wrong, and then tells her to get out. She then takes a good look at the broken body of her good friend Callie and promises her that she and the attending are going to get together and come up with a plan to save her. At the words "a plan" the music starts to kick up, so you know what's coming.

Song: "How We Operate"
Original Artist: Gomez
Performed by: Owen
Most Portentous Lyric: "Calm down / Get straight"

This is the "Owen takes charge of the situation" song. Have I mentioned that Kevin McKidd is a shockingly great singer? Even on this overly literal and tonally bizarre song choice? Meanwhile, Meredith, Cristina, and Alex look on and ponder the fuck-upedness of it all. Meredith tells Cristina that she takes back her stupid edict about how Cristina can't be the baby's godmother. The girls notice the hickey on Alex's neck, and Cristina immediately begins to tease him about being in loooove. Alex throws cold water, saying that by virtue of working here at "Seattle Grace Mercy Death," she's bound to either go crazy or get cancer or shot or hit by a truck or something. Meredith thinks he's got a point about that "Mercy Death" stuff. Bummer.

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