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Once More With Healing

Song: "Running on Sunshine"
Original Artist: Jesus Jackson
Performed by: Callie, with Eli, Owen, Henry, Alex, Bailey, Altman, Lexie, Meredith
Most Portentous Lyric: "Oooh I got this rocket / in my front left pocket"

So clearly, it's time for big sex montage ... right? This feels like a song that's been imported from an alternate-universe Grey's musical, where the main plot isn't how they're going to fix Callie's broken body and save her unborn baby. I get why it's here -- you feel like there can't be a big special episode of Grey's Anatomy without horny doctors in love, because that's the whole premise of the show. But at this moment? Showing Bailey/Eli, Owen/Cristina, Altman/Henry, and Meredith/Derek getting all lovey-dovey sex-crazed seems cold and tonally off. Even if this is all in Callie's love-obsessed fantasy. Which is another issue with the episode -- are we supposed to think that all the musical stuff is happening in Callie's head, like in Chicago? But the actions (i.e. the doctors doing their doctorly things to save her life) are actually happening? So what parts of this love montage are actually happening? I don't have time to ask these questions when the performances are better, I should note.

I feel kind of bad that Scott Foley only gets this scene in the whole episode. Not that he fits into the story at all, but they really do wheel him out, have him deliver that awful rocket-in-my-pocket line, and then wheel him off again. This number is also a crucial component of the Grey's Anatomy Prime Directive, which is to get Justin Chambers into a black wifebeater at any and all times. That is not a complaint. Also worth mentioning, Lexie is singing the sex song while stroking a sleeping Mark's hair. ...Okay, so maybe Avery had a point.

The song ends, predictably, with Callie being slammed back into reality (and into the back of that flatbed). Derek brings her out of sedation to test her neural function, but when he and Meredith try to get her to respond, she doesn't. They put her back under and then try to explain the situation to Mark and Arizona without freaking them out.

Cristina, meanwhile, is explaining her brainstorm from before the credits to Owen and Altman. It's based on some old technique that Dr. Burke used, where he ... yeah, if you think I'm going to rewind this scene the required amount of times it'll take to understand just what the he;; she's talking about, you're crazy. Suffice it to say, it's a way to operate on Callie's perforated heart without risking brain-bleed or having to lower the body temp (which would put the fetus in danger). Cristina thinks it's brilliant, but Altman is resistant. Is it because it's not her idea? Is she just being inherently cautious? I worry that the show is just using this to paint Altman as a bitch who doesn't want Cristina to outshine her; I wish there were better reasons for Altman to be so obstinate. But obstinate she is. Cristina appeals to Owen, which rightly annoys Altman. "I am head of cardio," she snaps, "not your husband." Cristina volleys back that she's not asking her husband, she's asking the lead doctor on Callie's case. But Owen, after a moment of being in an impossible position, defers to Altman.

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