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Once More With Healing
Most Portentous Lyric: "Where did I go wrong? / I lost a friend"

This is another song that I had to flee from whenever it'd start because it was just everywhere, but with some distance I can certainly acknowledge its appeal. Anyway, that portentous line is accompanied by Altman looking guilty and then a cut to Owen. Because Altman just went wrong! And maybe has lost a friend! (Also: if Callie dies! Double the portent!) Derek gets the brain bleed under control, but that's about the only thing that's going right, as Callie starts to code. The Chief is, like, elbow-deep in her chest cavity trying to get her heart started again, and Addison tells him he's got one minute before she's going to have to go in and get the baby. Upstairs, Callie joins in for the bridge of the song, and when she does, she places her ghost hand on Arizona, who feels it, snaps her head to the side to see what that was, and the look on her face spooks Mark so hard he sprints down to the OR, Arizona right on his heels. This all while the chorus begins to swell again and -- look, sometimes we just have biological reactions to external stimuli and we can't exactly be held responsible for them on a conscious level, am I right? Sometimes you start crying at The Fray on a hilariously dumb Grey's Anatomy musical episode. (I don't know why I'm trying to front -- this show used to fucking ruin me on a weekly basis, and it's nice to have it return to that, at least for one week.)

Down in the OR, the baby has been delivered, a tiny gray-looking thing who doesn't appear to be doing that great. Lucy assesses the situation, whether to intubate, how they can get the heart beating. She calls Alex over to help, and Mark turns to Arizona. After a moment of pretty great eye-acting from Eric Dane and Jessica Capshaw -- Mark begging Arizona without words -- Arizona jumps in and takes charge of the situation. Meanwhile, Callie's vital signs are rebounding -- Chief says her heart is going strong now. The baby's flatlining, but Arizona's doing tiny little chest-compressions, and finally the heart starts beating. You didn't think they'd haul out "How to Save a Life" for nothing, right?

After the commercial, Callie is in recovery, still unconscious, while outside, Derek consults with Mark and Arizona, and they worry about whether her brain was compromised during all the trauma. After Derek leaves, Mark turns to Arizona and apologizes for calling her "nothing." "We have a kid together," he says. Arizona does that thing where she accepts his apology via sustained stare, then says, "She's going to wake up. She has to wake up."

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