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Once More With Healing

And now it's time for Meredith and Derek to do that thing where they have very important conversations in an elevator, while up on 12 or wherever, somebody has to wait a very long time for their elevator to come. I'll give them a pass this time, because Meredith's a mess of fertility hormones (and, I would hope, emotions about her friend and colleague Callie, but it's always been seriously questionable whether Meredith has ever given a shit about Callie). She feels guilty because she had previously thought bad thoughts about how Callie could get pregnant so easily while she's been suffering through all this infertility stuff. But now ... what kind of a world doesn't let Meredith have a baby, then gives Callie one without trying, and then puts Callie through a windshield. So the universe is fucked up. Meredith breaks down, and Derek promises her they'll have a baby "one way or another." Who's guessing a sweeps event where they adopt a baby whose mother dies at Seattle Grace Mercy Death? Something thereabouts?

Arizona sits by Callie's bedside and updates her on the status of their baby. All one pound and change of her, but she's going strong. "She can't open her eyes yet," she says. "But I can tell she's looking for you. She's waiting for you." Sara Ramirez, bring it home.

Song: "The Story"
Original Artist: Brandi Carlile
Performed by: Callie
Most Portentous Lyric: "I crossed all the lines and I broke all the rules / and baby I broke them all for you"

So here's where I stand with this: one of my absolute favorite songs of the last ten years. Unimpeachable. I love Sara Ramirez like crazy, but her voice is maybe a little too perfect for this song? This song that lives in Brandi Carlile's whiskey-scratched rasp? Sara's rendition is clear and enunciated and just off enough to bother me. Maybe it doesn't affect someone with less of an attachment to the song. (Also, to be fair, the smoothed-over production is doing her no favors -- check out this video of Sara singing the song live; she sounds much better.) The other part of this is that while she's singing, Ghost Callie is raging through the corridors of the hospital, until she makes it to her own bedside, where she pretty much demands that she wake herself up. I see what the show was going for -- it's urgent and chaotic and fitting to Callie's raging brain. But it also forces Sara into awkward hysterics which kind of make the performance cartoony.

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