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Oh, my God, people. WHAT am I doing here? Hello, I'm Al Lowe. Or, hellowe, as one might say. (Only I say that.) Lauren S is off tonight so, on some kind of harebrained whim, I picked up this recap and here we are. Confession, Catholic-style: it's been three years since my last recap. I am rusty. Let us begin.

Speaking of harebrained, Callie is currently on the world's worst errand, and is appropriately frazzled. She's buying pantyhose, and… it appears she's buying them at a…. mall? I relate to Callie for many reasons and without even yet knowing why she would be in this place doing this thing, I feel desperately sorry for her. A Hail Mary attempt to buy emergency department store pantyhose is the sort of situation in which I often find myself, and I always seem to handle it about as well as she is handling it, now. Which is to say terribly. Her first order of business is to knock all the gigantic packages of hose onto the floor, drawing the attention of the poor salesgirl who tries in vain to help as Callie gets more and more agitated.

"Doctors never mean to screw up," Callie says in voiceover as we flash to a hectic operating room where she is frantically sawing and jerking and flinging body parts around while Jo gets all panicky. Back in the mall, she wonders why she can't just get some real pantyhose. The salesgirl makes the terrible mistake of making suggestions – how about the ones that shimmer? And, as we watch things get even crazier in the OR (she commands her reluctant crew to close the surgery with a sponge left in the patient) Callie goes ballistic. "No shimmer! No footless tights or freaky little toe sock thingies!" Right on, girl. She just wants basic nude pantyhose, the kind she used to but in the grocery store. "THEY COME IN A LITTLE PLASTIC EGG!" she screams and is horrified to see the girl's face.

"It's not like we do it on purpose," she says. "It's not like we want to hurt anyone, but sometimes we do. And, when we do, we're sorry." She apologizes, saying she's under a lot of pressure and has a big day the next day. In fact, she says, she'll take ALL the pantyhose. "Even the ones with the rhinestones…?" the girl asks. "Yeah!" Callie says with fake enthusiasm and we hear in VO that apologies, at this point, don't matter. "No apology in the world matters now."

Flashback! (Get used to them!) One month prior to the pantyhose meltdown, Callie is presenting her awesome robotic hand research with McDreamy when a guest comes in. "Dr. Torres?" he asks, handing her a envelope. Girl, you just got served. "Great stuff you're doing here," the guy says as he departs.

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