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Death Becomes Her
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It's nighttime, and there's an ominous rumble as we pan over to see... Izzie brushing her teeth. That must be some bad breath to require that kind of soundtrack rumbling. Of course, Denny is behind her. But this week he has special duties -- he's taken over Mere's voiceover. "I believe in heaven. I also believe in hell." Hell here is illustrated by Eric, still banging his head on the bed while a pool of blood seeps out of his bandages. Mere watches Eric's stats calmly and ignores the banging as Denny explains, "I've never seen either but I believe they exist. They have to exist." Izzie, cutting a tomato, nicks her finger and Denny jumps up to help before realizing it's not his place. "Because without a heaven, without a hell, we're all just headed for limbo." Eric lets out one last strangled cry, blood pouring down his neck, and lays still. Sadie walks up to Mere at the monitors and asks if she's coming, but Mere tries to act nonchalant as she tells her that the nurses will come and get them if it's bad. On cue, Tyler (yay!) comes to tell her he's seizing. Hey, how come Sadie is helping out anyway? Wasn't this a strict "no-intern" operation? Sadie asks rather smugly if they can go now, but Mere just stands up and quietly tells her to go find something else to do, "That's an order." Sadie looks confused but actually goes with it while we're treated to a shot of Eric seizing, eyes rolling up in his head, as the screen fades to red and then white for the show's title card.

Izzie's in bed not sleeping, and finally turns her light on and turns to ask ever-present Denny why he's still there. Once again he says, with that hangdog yet maybe-almost-laughing look that only he can do so well, "I'm here for you, Izzie Stevens." I guess now she's the Joey Potter of the show, since he seems to enjoy using her full name for (not actually much) impact. She points out that since she broke up with him, he's not there for her and so he has to go, but he says that he can't. I think that what he maybe could do is talk in riddles less, but that doesn't seem to be an option, unfortunately. He keeps repeating that he's here for her, to the point where even Izzie gets fed up, yells at him to stop, and turns out the light.

Mrs. P is sitting with an unconscious Jackson and while Bailey watches them, Alex comes to update her that Jackson is officially #1 on the list for a liver and small bowel. Bailey points out that this is good since his ammonia levels are rising, and Mrs. P overhears and freaks out mildly that they were supposed to have 24 hours. Bailey calmly tells her that they are doing everything they can and then excuses herself to answer a page.

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