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Death Becomes Her

Bailey puts her lab coat back on and composes herself before going back to Jackson's room. Inside, Alex and Arizona are trying more things to keep him going, and Mrs. P leans in and again begins telling him he has to hold on. Bailey tries to tell her that she needs to step back and let the doctors work but her heart's not in it and Mrs. P clearly doesn't even hear her. Izzie comes back to be a doctor and takes over with what she's good at; she gently pulls Mrs. P away and holds her while she panics and cries.

Eric's surgery wraps up and Derek congratulates Cristina on a job well done. After he asks her to close up his head Mere mutters, "What a waste." Derek isn't done with his overblown statements so he informs her, "He's alive, Dr. Grey. We saved a life. That's never a waste." He then takes off.

Izzie has a bereft Mrs. P outside,who is begging to be with Jackson, and Izzie tries to tell her that medical miracles happen all the time, and that even when people shouldn't live, they do. Mrs. P pleads to be with him again and Izzie assures her that she is with him, even outside the room. "You're here for him, even though you aren't in the room." She repeats this until she realizes that this is what Denny has been saying all along and we're "treated" to a montage of him saying he's there for her over and over and over again. Then Alex comes out to say that Bailey thinks Mrs. P needs to come back now. So Denny is there for her because she's going to die? That seems to be the point.

Mrs. P comes back in to see that the doctors have stopped working, and Bailey tells her that it's time to hold her son and to help him go. Mrs. P goes to Jackson and holds him, and begins to whisper that it's okay and that he can go now. Bailey and Arizona each fight back tears as they watch and don't seem to register what happens when Richard runs in and yells, "We have organs!" He repeats himself and yells to get the boy to an OR just as he starts to flatline, and the doctors immediately begin CPR.

We're treated to a scene of intestines being transferred in a bowl. In the waiting room, George sits with the woman who donated her husband's organs while Melinda paces, in tears, behind them. They get everything in and Bailey checks for black spots; there are none. However, he then starts to code.

Izzie runs outside in a sweaty freakout. She asks, "Heaven or hell?" and Denny answers, "Yes." She then repeats that he's there for her and he agrees. And then comes the emphasis game. She says, "You're not here for me, you're here for me." The first time I watched this, I took this to mean that he wasn't there to stand by her, he was there to take her to the great beyond. But on second viewing she seems to be saying that he's not there as a gift for her to play with (so to speak) but that he's there to support her as... she dies? It's all rather confusing but the crux of it is, Izzie's sick. With tears in his eyes, Denny tells her how much he loves her, and how when he got to come back for her he thought it might be his heaven. But he thinks now that he might be Izzie's hell. Finally she breathes, "I'm sick." But then she gets mad and goes on, "Instead of telling me to save my life... you son of a bitch!" She yells that she hates him while he defends that he didn't know she had a chance. But, he now repeats her words back to her about medical miracles. Dude, so this wasn't all some sort of game where Izzie had to figure it out for herself? It sounds like he very well could have told her straight out if he wanted to but he didn't and instead decided to get a bunch of ghost nookie. Seriously, any residual goodwill I had for Denny is 100% gone. She orders him to leave and he says, "I can go now. Because you know." So... yes. He really did just fuck around with riddles so that he could get some sex for a while. And also? I just wrote that about a GHOST. Or fine, the writers and Steve McPherson want to get all technical and point out that he's not a ghost. I just wrote that about some non-human spirit-type-character in the form of Denny. This is insanity. He tells her that it's her choice but that if she chooses for him to go he's not sure if he can come back again. She yells at him that between heaven and hell, she chooses heaven and she chooses life, and again orders him gone. He starts to say he hopes this is heaven and again she tells him, "Go." He nods, and she asks what he's waiting for. Of course, he comes and kisses her passionately. And with that, he's gone. Sadly, I don't actually believe that's the last of him.

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