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Death Becomes Her

Meredith is taking care of things in Eric's room when he wakes up, surprised to find himself alive. He then announces that Derek was right and he was playing her the whole time and he wanted to destroy her career. She just goes about her business while giving him a stone-faced expression. He then adds that he wanted to be around to see the fallout, but that statement lacks some of his usual charisma, and the look on his face is more him trying to see if this gets a reaction from her than anything else. She doesn't give him what he wants, instead saying evenly and without a change of expression, "Death is scary. I would have been scared too." He thinks about this, and then changes tack completely, telling her, "It would be good to have a friendly face in the crowd. When they kill me." Her face remains stony but a shadow of repulsion darkens her features for a moment. He does a good job showing just how ill-equipped he is for any normal social interaction, at least.

Hunt finds Cristina sitting slumped over on a gurney in the hallway and sits down next to her. He tells her that he had planned "a real date" for them that included going to a lighthouse and watching the Northern Lights together. She doesn't respond, and so he continues by telling her he would like another chance. She then turns to look at him a bit like he's crazy, so he repeats his request. She responds in no uncertain terms, "You've got some problems. You've got some big problems." He looks her straight in the eye and agrees, but asks, "Will you go out with me anyway?" Something must be sexy about his honesty, because she responds, "Yes." His eyes widen with surprise, and it's cute how happy he seems.

Lexie walks into Mark's room where he is recovering from his mortifying surgery and begins to close the blinds. I'm glad to see that an employee can have sex during work hours -- and that everyone knows it and has proof given his injury -- but that he can escape any sort of reprimand for such behavior. Such is the cushy work atmosphere of Seattle Grace. He pleads, "Little Grey..." but she cuts him off to inform him that it's not Little Grey, it's Lexie. She then stutters an apology for breaking him, and that she's sorry he's humiliated but she's also not going anywhere. Lexie has a "good friend" guarding the door so that she can climb into bed with Mark and stroke his hair, since that's what she likes done when she's hurt. It's kind of sweet, and not the least believable of pairings, but it's also not one that has me totally convinced just yet. Outside, her "good friend" is revealed to be Sadie, who clearly earned some respect by helping Lexie keep her secret earlier. Sadie smiles to herself, and seems genuinely happy for once to have a real friend.

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