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Death Becomes Her

Jackson is out of surgery, and his mom is asleep with her head on his bed as Richard and Bailey watch. Richard asks how the surgery went and Bailey says that they were so late getting the organs in that they have no idea if he'll have brain damage or if he'll even wake up. After a moment, she admits, "I crossed a line today." Richard absorbs this and admits, "So did I." She looks at him, surprised, and gulps -- he reaches over and puts a hand on her back, which is the final straw. She starts to lose it, hands in prayer, sobbing but trying valiantly to stop as Richard watches her helplessly.

Izzie is standing outside, sans Denny for the first time in weeks, but he's still around for us with his voiceover. "Heaven. Hell. Limbo."

"No one really knows where we're going." We go to the prison, where Eric is led (with a full head of hair and just one bandage wrapped around, not even really covering where he was bleeding profusely just at the beginning of the hour) into a chamber with shackles on his hands and feet. He searches the crowd of unforgiving faces beyond the window and sees Meredith, still with her slightly repulsed look, but there nonetheless. She does seem somewhat sad for him as he's pushed onto the table, strapped down, and given an IV. Staring at the ceiling he says, "Lemons! My grandfather wasn't lying after all." There's no smile at the idea that his grandfather would tell him the truth, just surprise. Denny goes on: "Or what's waiting for us when we get there." Eric turns to look at Mere and she looks down as an alarm starts to blare. A line of syringes then all discharge and the cocktail heads through the IV and into Eric's arm; we then see his body go slack and his eyes slowly close.

Things aren't all bad this hour, however. As Denny tells us: "But the one thing we can say for absolute certainty..." Jackson's eyes flutter open and he asks for some water. His mom cries and laughs with relief as Bailey stares with her mouth hanging open. Denny: "... is that there are moments that take us to another place."

Mere walks out of the jail, wiping tears from her face. Outside, Derek is leaning against his Jeep waiting for her. He doesn't jump up to meet her, but he does look worried. When she reaches him she begins to sob. "I know you don't understand me. I don't understand me. I wanted to show him compassion. That's why I went. That's the reason. And it was horrible. It was horrible." It's some of the most genuine emotion I've ever seen from Ellen Pompeo, so kudos. Derek immediately pulls her in and hugs her, whispering that it's okay.

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