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Death Becomes Her

Cristina is in her apartment when she opens her door to see Derek waiting outside, looking worried. Without preamble he says, "She's in the car. She's in the car and she won't stop crying." Dryly, Cristina asks if he proposed. It's pretty awesome Signature Cristina. He tells her that no, Mere went to Eric's execution." Denny says, "Moments of heaven on earth."

And finally we get the moment that has been too long in coming as Cristina heads outside to the Jeep. She opens the car door and looks at Mere, staring straight ahead, then after a moment she climbs in. Derek watches this from afar and sits down on a bench outside the building, in a nice nod to the girls' friendship. I do like that he really knows that he's got one place in Meredith's life and that Cristina has a separate -- but just as important -- one. Inside the car, Meredith turns to Cristina, who looks terribly sad. Mere then starts talking in seemingly a rush, but we don't hear what she says over the soundtrack. After a moment, Cristina nods and we can see her answer, "Okay," and the two friends finally seem to start to talk out the issues between them. Denny finishes, "And maybe for now, that's all we need to know." Oh, Denny -- we still need to know why we were forced to deal with your stupid storyline for way too long. But if Cristina and Mere really have made up, that will help soothe my irritation, at least for a little while.

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