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Death Becomes Her

Lexie is waiting impatiently in the hall when Callie walks by to answer an emergency page. Lexie is stuttering so badly she can barely explain that she was the one who paged Callie. It takes even longer for her to explain that Mark is hurt and that, "He broke a bone. I... broke his bone." Callie breaks into a grin until she realizes that the look of terror on Lexie's face is real, and both women immediately turn and hustle down the hall.

Hunt sees Cristina in the supply closet and after a moment, goes in and closes the door. He apologizes for showing up drunk the night before and she quickly jumps in to tell him that it's fine. He goes on to explain that when he showers with a woman, normally it's with his clothes off... take a moment ladies, mull it over... okay, back to the scene. He also normally has a different night when he gets into her bed naked, which doesn't include passing out. She tells him that it's okay but he responds that it's not, and she agrees. But, she tells him he doesn't have to talk about it, and takes the moment of pause that this response gives to flee from the room and the conversation.

Eric is having trouble breathing, and Meredith asks him if he really wants to go on like he's doing, and asks if she should page Derek. Eric asks, "He's your boyfriend, isn't he?" She turns around quickly and he knows he hit the nail on the head, and he goes on needling her that he had figured they were dating, and that Derek has very good taste. Mere is struggling to keep her cool. As she goes to leave, Eric says he's thinking about lemons. This gives her enough of a distraction to turn around with an even face and ask what the heck. When Eric's grandfather died he said he could smell lemons, so Eric has been waiting for the same thing but can't smell anything. Of course, he adds with his creepy grin, his grandfather was a liar. Mere asks again if he's sure he doesn't want her to page Derek, and with the grin gone he tells her he's sure.

The Chief pulls George aside for one of his few weekly scenes, this time to tell him to check with all of the nurses who have patients that are brain dead. Seriously, is it that easy? Wouldn't we then just see them going upstairs to find this convenient batch of brain-dead people every time they needed a new organ? Well, for this week at least it works. He wants to know if any of them are potential matches for Jackson, but he reminds George to be sensitive for their families, adding that they can only ask but they can't pressure or coerce anyone. George agrees and trots off.

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