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Death Becomes Her

What do you know, Derek surprises me this week. He runs up to Cristina to show her the ring, and asks her opinion on if Meredith will like it or if he should change the setting. Cristina tells him it isn't her job, so Derek asks, "Look, I know you two are still fighting, but isn't it about time you wrapped that up?" He says it like they've been playing video games for too long and need to go do their chores. But regardless, I think it's sweet that he's actually trying to bring them together, especially with what he says next: "I ask because when I propose to her, she's going to need somebody to freak out to." He seems finally to actually understand his girlfriend, at least somewhat -- enough to know just what her reaction would be to a proposal. He tells Cristina that Mere misses her a lot and asks if she doesn't miss Mere too. He suggests that though he has no idea what's going on with her, there must be something she needs to freak out to someone about too, right? She looks right over at Hunt when Derek says this, but then tells him that he should ask somebody else and walks away.

Izzie asks Mrs. Prescott if she's eaten that day and offers to keep an eye on Jackson so that she can get some food to keep her strength up. Once she's gone, Izzie turns on Denny and tells him he's like the pathetic guy who has graduated high school but still won't stop hanging around. How true... and, like, four episodes late. Denny responds by asking her if she believes in heaven, she responds to with an assuring, "I don't know, I guess." Apparently Denny thought this was his heaven, being there with Izzie, but now he is rethinking that idea and supposes it might be hell. Well, it feels kind of like that for the viewers, at any rate. She asks him what he's talking about and maddeningly he tells her he's there for her. She gets pretty pissed at that point that he keeps repeating it, and then reminds him that she chose Alex and she's really sorry, but there you go. Denny points out that yet, he's still there. Oh, we all know, dude. He asks her if that means anything to her, and she pretty fairly guesses it means that he's jealous and doesn't want her to be happy with Alex. He responds by actually yelling at her that she can't pick Alex, because he's there for her. He then tells her that he'd love to go since he hates being there when she's told him she wants another man, but that she won't listen to him. Try just telling her what you mean then! He repeats that he's there for her, AGAIN. But when she asks him what that means he says, "You're a doctor, Izzie. Figure it out." I guess she could try to figure out why she's having conversations in a room with a glass wall and plenty of other people on the other side who could see her seemingly talking to herself. But then again no one has called her on it but George, so maybe it's MAGIC glass. I do think that with that sentence she should be able to pretty quickly guess that he means something is wrong with her.

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