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Death Becomes Her

Mere and Cristina are at the nurse's station and Mere just stares at Cristina for a long while as Cristina demands, "What?" Mere finally says it's nothing and so Cristina asks if she monitored Eric the night before. Even though they're fighting, she knows her friend well enough to guess that the weak, "Yeah, I've got it covered," Meredith responds with has a whole lot behind it. Cristina shakes her head and stomps off to go check on him herself, where she finds him sweating and struggling for breath. Cristina warns, "Tell me you paged Shepherd." Meredith responds that Eric wants to die, he's going to die anyway, and if he dies in the hospital they can donate his organs to Jackson, which Derek won't stand for. So, she answers, she didn't page him and she hopes Cristina will just let Mere handle it. They stare at each other a moment, and then look at Eric, who manages to tell them in a shaky whisper, "Help me. I don't want to die." Mere looks gobsmacked as Cristina hits an alarm and yells for Derek to be paged.

Izzie is helping Arizona give Jackson some sort of catheter, and Denny has decided to just ruin any possible residual good feelings we might have for the character by being a complete asshole. He starts to talk over Arizona about how he wants to visit the Grand Canyon, so Izzie can't hear her directions. She whispers at him to shut up, which Alex and Arizona hear, but Izzie covers for herself and they continue. Not content to be ignored, Denny then starts babbling about the Great Wall of China. He actually goes so far as to call Izzie stubborn, but I can't blame her for wanting to get on with her work since he hasn't actually told her anything meaningful at this point. He keeps talking at her, finally yelling that he can't do anything else until she wakes up and figures it out. Izzie loses it and yells, "Just tell me already!" From all of us who have suffered through way too much of this storyline, word to the WORD. Izzie apologizes, but Arizona tells her to take a break while Alex looks on, worried.

Their fear at being caught gone, Ryan is excited to blab that Mark broke Little Mark and that Ryan heard him scream. They all speculate that it might have been Callie but they don't know, and Lexie seems to be trying to shrink into her chair. When the others leave, Sadie asks her if it was Callie and Lexie gets all defensive about how it's none of their business. She then adds that even if she did know, "I wouldn't even tell you because we're not even friends. I took out your appendix and almost ended my career. That doesn't make us close." Sadie looks more stunned than hurt at the declaration of non-friendship.

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