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Death Becomes Her

Derek has checked out Eric and tells Cristina that they'll operate in 20 minutes. He then turns on Mere in a righteous fury, pointing out that she should have paged him earlier or told him the truth when he asked how Eric was doing. She responds calmly that she was following a patient's wishes, but Derek spits that he gets no wishes since he killed five women. What I like about Mere is that she calmly stands up to him and defends herself, but not in a whiny or defensive manner. "As much as you believe you're right I think I'm just as right." Derek throws in her face that Eric has been manipulating her, and that's what he does -- preys on young women. Meredith just replies that she made a decision as his doctor. And then... Derek can't help himself and goes back to self-righteous blowhard: "It was a bad decision. It was the wrong decision. You're going to scrub in on this surgery. And you're going to watch when I try like hell to undo what you did." He leaves, and Mere sees that Eric witnessed the whole conversation.

Meanwhile, things are deteriorating in Jackson's room. Arizona tries angling his bed differently but admits to Bailey that it won't do much. Mrs. P comes up and starts to talk to her son, ordering him to stay with them and fight, that he doesn't get to go yet. As Bailey watches, a dazed look comes over her face. She then starts to amble down the hall with the same look, and sees Mere and the others wheel Eric into surgery.

Callie has called in Hunt for help with Little Mark, and Hunt diagnoses it as a penile fracture, to Mark's utter dismay. When he says he'll do the surgery Mark freaks, not wanting a "meatballer" taking care of his precious jewel but Callie retorts that Hunt is meticulous and will do a good job. Turns out he's done this a few times before, though Mark can't believe that this is something that he runs into on the battlefield that often. Hunt just tells him, "I don't think you and I should talk about how guys 'run into' this." He then says they need to get to an OR fast so they don't risk permanent damage, and Mark pleads for that not to happen. After they leave, Lexie comes in but Mark is completely embarrassed and sends her out, begging her to not look at him like this.

George has some info for the Chief, who exclaims when he sees the paperwork. There is a patient who is not an organ donor and who is about to be unplugged.

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