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Death Becomes Her

But first! The Drums of Doom have started rumbling as Bailey pauses outside Derek's OR and then, after a deep breath, pushes her way in. It couldn't be more obvious that this is your Scene of the Week, folks. In a quavering voice, he tells Derek she needs him to put down the scalpel, and to let Eric go ahead and kill himself. The music comes to a head as everyone has their "worried eyes" on over their surgical masks.

Derek calmly tells her to leave the OR, but his anger is bubbling just underneath the surface. In her pathetic trembling voice, Bailey tells him that Eric is going to die in 5 days anyway. (Actually, I think it's technically now 4 days.) She reminds Derek that Eric will die in 5 days and his organs will be buried with him which will go to waste, a "crime against life." Everyone in the OR is exchanging looks that say, "She's completely lost it." She tells him that they are only taking 5 days away from Eric and it's 5 days he doesn't want anyway. (Four!) I'll say it. Derek looks completely ridiculous as he stands with his hands folded and his scalpel at the ready, like some figure of judgment, with Cristina and Meredith flanking him and seemingly afraid to make any sudden movements. He reminds Bailey that she took an oath. She agrees, but points out that the oath doesn't make any sense right now, so just stop. Derek explains that stopping the surgery now is the same as if he just stuck the scalpel right in Eric's brain, and asks if that's what she wants. And so help me, I totally giggled when she said that yes, that is what she wants. The acting here was just a leeetle over the top.

Richard is unaware that his star pupil is trying to commit murder in the OR and is busy trying to get organs. He speaks to a woman sitting next to her brain-dead husband's bedside and tells her that he knows it's difficult, but he needs the man's liver and small bowel. Way to make a smooth entry there, Richard. She explains how she has to unplug her husband after a car accident and that it's all too much for her to handle, so she can't possibly handle anyone cutting out his organs. It's all very deep and powerful, yadda yadda.

Izzie rejoins Alex in Jackson's room, but Alex seems to have had his fill of being the accommodating boyfriend. When Izzie said she had some stuff to do he guesses she means talking to Denny, and he reminds her that they are trying to save a boy's life and that things are so bad that Bailey can't even be there to watch, so this isn't the time to go talking to one's dead fiancé. "Look, you want to get in that crap at home, fine. But not here. Here you're a doctor." Sorry, it's easy to forget since she's been doing administrative paperwork and having sex with a ghost instead of actually acting like a doctor lately. Jackson's alarms start to go off then, along with more Very Dramatic Music. They're really getting a lot of mileage out of these cues this week. They go through some medical stuff while Mrs. P looks on, worried, and Arizona tells Alex that she hopes that Bailey is having better luck than they are, whatever she might be doing.

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