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Facing the Truth

Richard is in his office when Bailey makes a tentative approach and asks him how his mood is. He thinks a moment and offers, "Meager? Anxious?" but adds that he's excited about the face transplant. He starts to elaborate but Bailey cuts him off to ask if she's his therapist and he rightly reminds her that she asked. She then blurts out that she lost Hunt and Torres when she sent them off after Derek. She (very nicely, I think) wanted to solve the Derek problem for him (though let's face it, totally just so that her boss would listen to her again rather than just brushing her off) but admits she now made it three times worse. She figures the next move is calling the police, "Because I'm half convinced they're all dead. On a spit. With a one-armed man turning them into shish-kabobs. Sir. It's my mind. It's just goes there." Richard looks confused, but I'm just daydreaming about how much I want to waste an afternoon eating junk food and watching soaps with Bailey.

Up in the gallery, various female interns are comforting Megan while Pierce sulks. Meredith consciously ignores the whole thing, instead talking to George and explaining that the surgery is late because of a problem with David, and they only have a few viable hours left for the face. George comments that Sloan must be freaking out, but he's interrupted when Steve walks into the gallery, Pierce calls him a homewrecker, and a fight breaks out. Meredith sends them all out except for Ryan, who is ordered to go with the residents.

They sit Ryan down on the stairs outside and George's Good Cop is really more of a Spineless, Wheedling Cop -- he begs Ryan to tell them what's going on and finally lays out that with the face surgery and then Meredith's best friend getting a solo surgery, they all have very little patience right now. Ryan tries to say it's not his place, which causes Mere to issue an ultimatum: he's going to tell them everything or he'll be doing every rectal exam and treating every infected abscess that comes through the doors in the future. George nods sagely to show she's not kidding, so Ryan finally starts talking and excitedly explains how Megan was with Pierce, broke up with him and slept with Steve, and then got back together with Pierce. Then Steve sent an email to everyone that he meant to send to just Megan about their sleeping together, because I know when I sleep with someone, the thing I like to do afterward is discuss it over email. Steve says he loves Megan, Pierce wants to kill him...George and Meredith nearly blind themselves with some heavy eye-rolling as Ryan decides to go back and start from the beginning and Mere slumps against the wall, clearly sorry that she had to ask.

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