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The residents are all walking their interns to the big surgery that Mere referred to earlier. We cut back and forth so they each have a part in explaining that the patient was hit by a drunk driver 12 years earlier and has horrible facial damage -- no nose and lips, so they call him "Blowhole." He's had tons of surgeries that haven't helped, so today they are doing a face transplant, which has only been done four times before. Blowhole had to go through tons of psychological tests to make sure he could handle it, and there is a huge chance of rejection, infection, or any number of other "-tions." As Izzie hears one of her interns mention the nickname, she angrily tells him to never speak again. They then all line up in front of the patient's bed and try not to gape, some more successful than others. Meredith VO's over the stares, "Surgeons. Nasty, aggressive, unstoppable. Just the kind of people you want on your side when you're really screwed. We are treated to a shot of the patient, David, and he really does have a gaping hole where half of his mouth, cheek, and nose used to be.

Mark stands next to a monitor showing David's face and explains that Hunt will retrieve the donor face, and that they are replacing 70% of David's face, and they can see what's currently missing on the monitor. David points out that they can also see it on him, so right off the bat we're endeared to him. They are using a particular technique and when Hunt asks why that instead of something else, Lexipedia of course knows the answer and then an answer to another of Mark's questions. The other interns visibly bristle when Mark compliments her. He then asks David if he has any questions, and David wants to know what the donor looks like. Mark has seen him and tells David he'll be satisfied; David realizes that he'll be satisfied just with a face, period. "If I end up anything above a 'point and stare' freak, I'm gonna call it a success."

Outside, Hunt grabs Alex to help with the face harvest, and Mark picks Izzie and Little Grey to help out, to even more agitated mumbles this time also from the other residents. Cristina tells Izzie she might not have time to scrub in but Izzie brushes her off. Ryan and the other interns start to talk about what Lexie might have done for Mark the night before to earn the honor, but Izzie immediately turns and yells at them so they shut up, and she storms off leaving Lexie to finish the chart. Bailey comes up and assigns a disappointed Mere and George to pre-ops and post-ops, explaining that since half of the attendings are busy with the face surgery they need strong residents to take over the pre- and post-duties. She then tells Cristina that she's with Bailey, moving to the big leagues: solo surgery. She'll be fixing an old woman's hernia. Mere turns to her and whines, "Congratulations. I know I should seem more enthusiastic but I'm not that big a person." Cristina forgives her and George asks Mere if it's wrong to have hatred in your heart. Of all the people, George probably earns that right the most given the shit he takes each day.

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