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Cristina meets her patient, Ms. Sully, who is a sweet, slightly scatterbrained woman. Cristina asks if she has any questions and she digs through her purse for a list she made with her friends, who were all on a European vacation without her. She likes to chat and I'll admit that I was tense from moment number one knowing how Cristina is, well, a robot. Cristina waits patiently until she gets a call on her cell phone and begins to argue with someone about how Izzie (not using her name in front of the interns) is stage four and needs to see a particular doctor. She then tells Ms. Sully that she's sorry, and she'll answer her questions when she comes back for the exam. As she walks out, Ms. Sully looks a little bit nervous despite her efforts at being cheerful; this makes me even tenser for her.

Callie arrives at Derek's trailer and if I'm not mistaken, it looks like she drove up in a vintage powder-blue car that only ups her cool factor even more, if possible. She asks Derek if it's not a little bit early for the beer he's swigging and when Derek says she sounds like his mom, Callie shoots back that she met and liked Derek's mother. He asks if Richard sent her but isn't surprised to hear it was Bailey, and Callie removes a pizza box so that she can sit down. This is my first episode of GA on my gorgeous, wonderful, shiny new HDTV and what I want to say to the makeup department is -- put the makeup down when you're doing up Sara Ramirez. She's a gorgeous woman but right now all I want to do is reach in and wipe some of it off. She doesn't need it! She's hot! Now back to the scene at hand -- she sits down and tells Derek she's been where he is now, and tells a horrible story about the time she performed a knee replacement and that when he had shortness of breath she put him on blood thinners (it makes sense why, I'm just not doctor enough to know why that is) to help. It turns out, however, that his problem was something else entirely, he was bleeding internally, and because of the blood thinners he died and Callie has to live with it each day. She's gutted just retelling the story and Derek asks how she lives with it. It first seems like he's trying to make her feel like shit and he gets angry when she starts to talk about malpractice, growling that he wants to actually know how she herself manages to get out of bed knowing what she's done, presumably so he himself could do it. With that question, it's no wonder she just asks him for a beer.

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