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Mere tells Cristina as they walk down the hall that what's killing her is not knowing what's going on -- basically, not knowing if she's been dumped or not. She realizes Cristina isn't listening as she texts away on her phone and Cristina gives her a distracted apology, but Mere sing-songs that it's fine. Cristina's got a solo surgery and GI Joe which make for a charmed life without time for Mere. Cristina admits to her that she has actually only kissed Owen. "It's like friends with benefits. Without the benefits." Mere is intrigued but they are interrupted by one of the interns, sporting a shiner and a cut under his eye that he hasn't even bothered to wipe up. Seriously? A couple more interns get names (or at least their names are used enough to stick) so I will finally use them -- this is Pierce. He leaves and Mere asks if they ask but Cristina is against it. "No. Because he might tell us."

Alex and Hunt then do the face removal surgery and I'm going to choose this time to once again recap by sound alone. I only saw enough to see a forehead pulled back, but that's enough for me. You guys are good with the makeup and effects. I get it. There's a whole lot of sucking sounds as they work on him, and Alex comments how weird it will be that someone will be walking around looking just like this poor guy. Richard explains -- and this was helpful because I'd never thought about it -- that David won't look exactly the same because of different bone structure and Hunt adds that his mannerisms will also be totally different so the family would never recognize this face on David. Hunt finishes and has Alex pull up the face so that they all can see -- it's basically a sheet of skin with two eye holes, two eyebrows and a nose and looks fake enough that I could watch -- and Alex proclaims it "awesome."

Mere is checking out a patient with Pierce, and the woman keeps staring at the open wound on his face. Seriously, how would this even be legal? Intern Megan then comes in and when George asks her to do something sees that she is sniffling and crying. Mere tries to ask the patient a question when Stinky/Two/Steve comes in with an ice pack on his bloody hand -- clearly we have just found Pierce's puncher. Mere tries to ask another question and the patient apologizes for not listening but points out the bloody, emotional gang in front of her and asks if they are supposed to be doctors. Without batting an eyelash George comments that they are going to reserve judgment on that for now and the patient accurately comments, "Freakshow!" No, I argue soap opera. Freakshow was Izzie and the ghost sex.

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