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Cristina heads back to her patient's room (IMDB kindly tells me her name is Kendall, since in two viewings I never caught this) where Kendall has found her questions. Cristina is completely distracted and Kendall is clearly nervous about this, which seems to make her even chattier. She says that one of her friends on vacation is a retired surgeon, and he helped her come up with some questions. Cristina disdainfully reads the first one aloud, which is if she will finally be able to pick up her grandkids, and then asks incredulously if a doctor wrote that question. Even for Cristina, this is harsh. Kendall laughs, she's far too nice, clearly trying to make up for Cristina's brusque manner. She says that other friends helped her as well and she added her own questions. It's at this point that I wondered where any family was, since presumably she has some that gave her said grandchildren, but that wouldn't really fit this storyline so we're to leave it be, I presume. Kendall then asks one of her own questions, which is, "Will it hurt?" Cristina distractedly tells her she'll be anesthetized and when the woman asks about afterward, Cristina will only tell her that it's normal post-op pain before her phone rings. She shoves Kendall's questions in her pocket and Kendall's face falls while Cristina seems to have gotten Izzie the appointment she wanted.

Izzie and George go over their various patients and then George tells Meredith that something is wrong with Izzie, though he doesn't know what. Mere isn't in the mood to hear it -- she tells him that they already have enough intern drama and they don't need resident drama. "If it's a problem, she'll tell us. Until then, just ignore it!" Her ostrich impression really is great today, what with all of her sticking her head in the sand. They then see Steve run by, which Bailey notices as well. Mere continues to ignore it but Bailey demands to know what's going on. When Mere gives her lame "It's personal," excuse, Bailey chuckles and asks if Mere thinks Bailey wanted to be involved with all of their intern drama. George actually has the gall to say that they weren't this bad, so Bailey ticks off, "Getting married in Vegas, shacking up with attendings, cutting LVAD wires. You don't have to like it but you have to manage it." Once again she proves herself to be the smartest woman in the hospital but Meredith just promises they have it under control. She is quickly proven 100% wrong; however, when Megan runs down the stairs sobbing, and from above Steve yells after her that he loves her and then mows down a patient when he tries to run after her. To be fair, he does stop and check on the guy rather than follow his weeping beloved. Bailey just turns and gives the two residents a very pointed look.

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