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They pull the three interns aside, and Mere does her best Bailey impression when she orders them to all cut it out. George is playing Good Cop to Mere's Bad Cop, and when Steve tries to talk George quietly assures him that he shouldn't talk while Mere is talking. Mere yells at them for scaring the patients and making the hospital and the residents look ridiculous and George jumps in to shut up Megan when she tries to protest. Mere orders them to stay away from each other, and if she sees a glance or a single tear it's over for them. They all walk away and Mere has to scream after them not to go together before turning to George and admitting how good that felt. I love that there is zero recognition that she was at least this bad if not worse during her intern year.

Bailey has paged Hunt since he's done with the face removal surgery, and has a favor to ask of him. He wants to watch the transplant surgery but Bailey thinks that shouldn't be a problem if he can drive and talk quickly. She then explains that she wants him to go to the woods to talk Derek into coming back and tells him he might also run into Callie, "With a flat tire. Or a broken heel. Or an axe-wielding serial killer." Hunt laughs but quickly realizes that Bailey is serious as she explains that she sent Callie out there and now Callie isn't returning any calls. Bailey apparently has been hiding from us that she loves daytime TV, and so she's imagining some fantastic scenarios about where Callie could be. Hunt just looks at her like she's insane as she tells him to head out there and bring them back before the Chief notices any of them are gone. When he tries to point out that Richard already has noticed Derek's absence she cuts him off to remind him that he survived a war and can certainly do this. He knows he can too, he just doesn't want to. At this, she raises her eyebrows at him and stares until he comments, "People don't really say no to you, do they." She tells him that they don't when she says 'please.' "I'M SAYING PLEASE." He nods and heads out.

And now, get out your Kleenex -- you'll need it on and off for a little while. Lexie announces that the transport is on their way and asks David if he's ready for surgery; he's been ready for the last twelve years. Lexie then asks again about his friends and when David tells her they're coming after the surgery, she tentatively tells him that they're coming now. Three people walk in -- two women and a man -- and very sweetly introduce themselves, saying that he probably recognizes them by the orchids they are each carrying. One of the women, Sheena, sweetly tells him that she hopes he doesn't mind their being there early, and the man adds that he thought they should be there through it all. Dave however has turned away, and in a panic orders them out of the room, calling them strangers. Sheena protests, saying that they've chatted every night for years, but Dave yells that they don't know him or anything about him. Still turned away, he continues to scream to get them out of the room and he begins to cry.

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