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Izzie is then eating lunch and moping when Cristina comes up to bug her about her appointment in 15 minutes, reminding her that it usually takes weeks to get in to see this person. She asks if Izzie looked at any of the research Cristina did but Izzie cuts her off and asks if she can just eat. Awesomely, Cristina tells her that she doesn't have time to just eat. Mere, George and Alex walk up on cue and Alex asks, "Time for what?" Searching for a suitable code, Izzie tells them it's an enema and Cristina points out that it's Izzie's enema. They banter back and forth about the "enema," Izzie saying that she decided it can wait. Cristina is caught between an imbecile and a hard place, since she's trying very hard to help Izzie and also struggling to keep the secret. When she reminds Izzie that enemas can be serious, George finally speaks up as the voice of reason and sternly asks Izzie what "enema" is code for. Izzie gets pissed and says it's her business before storming off. Mere, really taking the willful blindness to a new level, just remarks that this is a weird day.

Hunt has joined the pity party in the woods, and before we see him there we see his truck next to what my not-very-car-knowledgeable self thinks is a classic Thunderbird. Callie rocks. Hunt tells his own sad story, about a time he treated an entire family that had been in a car accident. It turns out that the parents had massive internal injuries and both died that night, and it haunts him that maybe he could have moved faster or realized sooner and saved them. When he went out to tell the kids about their dad, he found the oldest trying to console the other two about their mom. Sadly he says he'll never shake the image of, "this 9-year-old boy trying to hold these two little ones -- his arms just not big enough." It's totally not supposed to be funny, and he's a good actor, but that still came out about as hokey as a line ever sounded. He tells Callie and Derek that he's not sure how he went back to work the next day. "I think part of me never did." Derek's surprised he didn't talk about Iraq, because Derek totally knows him and has a right to point that out, sheesh. Hunt quickly tells them he doesn't talk about Iraq, and continues with his point, which is that he made himself get up and go back. Derek, showing off some of that blunt condescension that we love, tells Hunt that he must be dead inside because if he had let himself feel anything, he never would have gone back to work. Rather than point out that Derek is a pathetic drunk who doesn't know him, Hunt just takes the beer that Derek offers.

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