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Cristina heads into the locker room since it seems that Izzie blew off the doctor's appointment that Cristina worked so hard to make. Izzie just demands to know why Cristina cares so much and baffled, Cristina shoots back, "Why DON'T you?" Seriously, I think that everyone knew that while Cristina is a robot she still has some good inside her and wouldn't actually just take Izzie's fatal secret and sit on it for kicks. Izzie brings up the nickname "Blowhole" and says that not only the interns but Alex were using that for David. She asks what they would call her: "Swiss cheese for brains?" Cristina tells her, "No, that's awkward and long. Blowhole is pithy." And the most awesome thing about that is I had the exact same reaction in my head. Izzie just declares that she won't be a piece of meat that everyone fights over and laughs about and zzzzzz. I'm sorry, I just am done with any sort of, "I'm going to keep my terrible secret," storylines because they're lazy and dumb and really, really cheap. There's plenty of good story to be had without having to watch Izzie have this dumb fit. Cristina points out that these are emotional problems and that's what Meredith or George are good for but Izzie tells her that she's not telling them, drop it, and by the way she might not even want treatment. Cristina just loses it, saying she'll tell everyone if Izzie doesn't -- that Iz doesn't get to just dump this on her. Izzie's afraid of the surgery because she knows too much about what it's like and how bad her chances are anyway. Finally, Cristina lets out a defeated laugh, demanding to know why Izzie even told her if she doesn't want her help? By the end of her question, though, you can hear a hint of desperate emotion. Izzie, however, doesn't care and just orders Cristina to forget she ever said anything and storms out. Cristina is left clutching her face, exuding an air of panic that she usually never even remotely shows.

David is hugging his knees to his chest while Mark sits in a chair next to his bed and tells David that he has to call his friends back. David is still in prickly self-preservation mode and snaps that Mark is his surgeon, not his shrink, so he should just do that job. Mark, however, can't do that because part of the deal is that David needs a post-op support system and the ethics board wouldn't allow him to even do the surgery if that isn't in place. Izzie and Lexie watch sadly as David explains the dead-looking orchid at the end of his bed. To anyone who doesn't know the flower it looks ugly until you learn how it adapted and how strong it needed to be to survive. His friends had only ever seen a picture of that flower rather than Dave himself, and that's what he waited until he had his own face. He's heartbreaking as he admits, "People look away from me. Kids cry and adults cringe, they look away." Izzie is busy making this all about herself in her head while Lexie speaks up and points out that his friends didn't turn away nor did they cringe -- it was Dave who turned. She asks if she can call them back and Mark adds that if he wants the surgery, he needs to give them a chance.

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