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Everything's going to be fine. Seriously.

George again confronts Cristina. He shuts them into an office and tells her, "Do you know why I picked you to be my dad's intern? Because you're a robot. A frickin' robot in a white coat who never makes a mistake and most of the time I appreciate that. Most of the time I really feel like I have something to learn from you but right now, right now I need you to try just for a minute, I need you to try to be a human." She's leaning back as if she can't handle having another human being that close. She can only stare at him, and he leaves her stunned. I'm proud of him for sacking up. Someone needs to, my God.

In the stairwell, Izzie sincerely thanks Alex for letting her do the procedure, and they banter. When she admits, "Izzie is rocking. Izzie is back in the game," he grabs her and plants one on her. Damn, I loved Denny, but I also loved these two together. Unfortunately, despite the chemistry, she pulls back, terrified, and whispers that she can't and she's sorry.

Meredith checks Mia and asks her to say something to make sure she's coming to from the surgery okay, asking her to say "Meredith." Mia manages, "Mary... Anna." Meredith and Mia's mom exchange a Meaningful Glance. Meredith tells Mia that her parents are there and when they approach, she just repeats a request for Anna. Her mom nearly starts to cry, and runs out of the room as her husband calls after her.

In his dad's room, George tells him the surgery might be tomorrow or the day after. His dad is confused, having been told they should do it as soon as possible, but George plays it off as his brothers glare at him. He assures his dad that he wants to do it right. O'Face then tells George he doesn't know why they're operating on his heart when the cancer is in his stomach. George tries to tell him that it's complicated, and Ronny jumps in to say that maybe the tests are wrong. I see the genuine concern, but the two of them really come off as yokels who don't even try to understand what's going on. George tries to talk to them, explaining the cancer, but he's using terms like "metastatic" that are going over their heads and making them angry. I want to be mad at George for not making enough of an effort, but this is clearly a case of a lifetime of misunderstanding and George Against Them blowing up at the wrong time. He tries to break it down, but he can't remove himself from being a doctor enough, and they can't grasp the concepts, and each just gets angry at the other. O'Face tells him to talk English instead of Doctor, and George blows up that he's doing just that. Their dad tells them to cool it, and right then, Callie walks in and starts to give them a car metaphor. George tries to stop her but she forges ahead, and she manages to get through to his brothers so that they know what's going on. His poor dad looks nervous, and his brothers start to cry. I'm holding it together as best I can so that I don't get tears in my keyboard and short-circuit it.

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