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Staring At The Sun

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Everything's going to be fine. Seriously.

Bailey is walking down the hall arguing on the phone, presumably with her husband, to wake up the baby. Once the baby is on the other end, she says hi and begins to sing. Her voice is absolutely amazing, and this is not helping me stop crying.

Addison is on the ferry, and after looking one last time at her rings, she throws them into the Sound with tears in her eyes.

Cristina lies in bed awake; Burke is next to her with his eyes closed. She simply says, "George knows," and Burke turns to look at her. Please oh please let this go somewhere. But please don't let it go somewhere that involves the death of George's father.

George lies awake, fully dressed and looking afraid in his bed.

In the beautiful claw-footed bathtub, Derek and Meredith sit across from each other, surrounded by bubbles. She admits, "I may not be cut out for bright and shiny." He agrees, but tells her, "We can be dull and lifeless together." They smile at one another, and she tells him that she's still glad he's in her bathtub. He is too. Something about this feels like it's a real relationship again, and I like it.

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