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In the O'Malley room, Callie is telling the story about when she fixed up George's shoulder and declares that he is "hardcore." Bailey joins them, and O'Malley Senior explains that they're all there but his wife, who is in DC chaperoning a field trip. Callie explains that his clavicle was still hurting, so she upped the meds. Bailey remarks that he's scheduled for his endoscopy later that day. O'Face (Greg Pitts has been in a thousand other things, but will forever be the guy with the O-face from Office Space to me) O'Malley is worried that it sounds dangerous and, unsurprisingly, won't listen to George's explanation: "I didn't ask you, I asked the doctor." Their brother Ronny chimes in to agree, and George mumbles to himself about the white coat meaning that he is a doctor. They blather on and George tells them to shut up, and Bailey gives a warning "O'Malley," at which they all turn towards her and ask what. Everyone is totally amused, and Callie seems delighted to see this unexpected little insight into her ex-boyfriend's life.

Alex and Izzie head up to Sloane, who, upon noticing Izzie, asks, "Is it 'bring a hot blonde to work' day? No one told me." Izzie chuckles and coughs "sexualharassment" into her sleeve. Old Izzie, welcome back! I'm absolutely delighted to see her being smart-ass instead of mopey today. When Izzie asks what case they'll be needed on, he tells them, "It's a really tragic one. I found out just this morning that I have over two weeks' worth of dry cleaning that needs to be picked up. Stat." Alex, the fight having been beaten out of him, replies with a cheery, "Cool!" but at least has the pride to look embarrassed at dealing with this in front of Izzie. Sloane also orders them to pick him up a sandwich, and presumably they head out on their errands. Who knew medical school could lead to such a glamorous lifestyle?

George is still hassling Bailey about being there for his dad's procedure, and Bailey and the ENTIRE WORLD ask, "What part of 'no working with family' do you not understand?" He continues to argue until Bailey cuts him a deal, and allows him to choose the intern that he would like to have assist with the case. He heads into the OR, where he sees Cristina operating with Burke. She's doing the entire procedure herself as Burke talks her through it, and over his mask, the crease in George's forehead speaks volumes as he puts together all the pieces of the last couple of weeks. He asks someone, "He's letting her decanulate the heart all by herself?" and a clearly jealous doctor replies, "Freaking unbelievable."

Derek, Mer, and Bailey run outside to meet an ambulance carrying a five-year-old girl with massive head and abdominal injuries. As the paramedic explains that the little girl was backed over by her mom's SUV, a woman runs up and begins telling them the girl's blood type, allergies, and anything else pertinent, though she's clearly beside herself and apologizing. Meredith assures "Mrs. Hansen" that they'll take care of the girl, but a stern-looking blonde comes up and butts in that she is Mrs. Hansen. "Mia is my child. Anna is just the nanny who ran over my daughter." Anna's also the one who looks a lot more worried about your daughter, Mom.

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