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Everything's going to be fine. Seriously.

Burke stares at the board, stretching and squeezing his hand not at all suspiciously, when George walks up; Burke asks after his dad. George tells him what's up but then cuts right to asking about the surgery earlier that day. Burke fully admits that Cristina did the surgery, explaining it in terms of the promise she's showing in cardiothoracic surgery, and George comments that she won't take credit for it. Burke figures she's not trying to rub it in -- again, this argument would work better if it weren't her boyfriend and one of her close friends and co-workers, who know her too well for that to be anywhere near credible. George sort of points that out and asks Burke if everything is okay with him, and Burke assures George that he's fine. I am so sick of that word on this show. George assures him that he's been through a lot and if he were ever not fine, George is there to listen. Burke stares and nods, and when George pries, asking, "Has it not been easy?" Burke merely smiles again and sends his best to George's father as he walks off. TV can be so frustrating, since this is the equivalent of Clark Kent wearing glasses and no one realizing he's Superman. An unconvincing "I'm fine" seems to be all anyone needs.

Addison comes up to a joking Derek to ask just how civil they really are. She wants to know if it's superficial or not, and as Derek jokes about it, she tells him she's worried about the Chief being depressed. "Well, he's separated from his wife. That usually doesn't make a person giddy. Except in my case." Appropriate! She forges on that they should talk to him, and while Derek argues against the idea, she counters that they need to be there for the Chief like he's been for them. In that case, they should somehow hire Adele to work at the hospital under some very close and uncomfortable situation. But, that not yet being an option, they agree to go talk to him in his office. She agrees to try and get her rings off.

Alex removes a delighted Frank's bandages. "Delighted" may not actually be the right word for the situation, as there's much more of a level of pervy self-love radiated throughout this scene, but it sounds nicer than "Alex removes a somewhat aroused Frank's bandages," which seems to belong to a different show altogether. "Delighted" it is. He admires his chest and then asks Izzie for a "woman's perspective." Alex allows her to do this and when she gives him two thumbs up, Frank explains that he got the pecs for his girlfriend. She didn't ask him to get them, but rather he felt threatened by a trainer at her gym and decided to anticipate why he might get dumped and take action. It's a good thing, too -- I was going to dump my last boyfriend, but then those butt implants really solved our problems once his cheeks fit comfortably in my palms, and that bought us another happy six months. Plastic surgery is an extremely effective relationship tool. Izzie tells him she doesn't get the "fake-boob thing," but Frank assures her that they're the best and feel real. He wants her to touch them, which Alex okays, and then she begins a comparison between the two men. From a thousand miles away it was obvious Sloane was going to return right then, but the look of concentration on Izzie's face as she has each hand on some man-breast is just too good. I laughed. A disgusted Sloane announces, "This? This is why I don't work with interns." I think he's just jealous that his pecs weren't being felt.

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