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Tonight we start off with some kicky disco-ish music to accompany Meredith's VO about fresh starts. Unfortunately, for her and Derek, there isn't a fresh start yet since they are gazing at a pregnancy test that says, "not pregnant." Meredith is pretty bummed and is sure it's not going to work, though Derek thinks they just need to keep trying. As they go back and forth on this, Mere's VO asks how different a new start can possibly be since you are still you?

Callie, meanwhile, is crying at the bathroom sink as she gets better to work, but it's one of those hysterical cries that's punctuated by laughter. Mark yells at her to get a move on, and when the two of them walk out to the hall Callie is unpleasantly surprised to see a big pile of moving boxes which Arizona is taking into their old apartment. Ever cheerful, Arizona declares that she bought out the subletters and she's moving back in. Callie is about as opposite as one can be from "pleased" as she reminds Arizona that they were Callie's subletters (I guess we're ignoring that Arizona had moved in there already and they had moved out together) and then tells Arizona that she's not playing games but really just doesn't want to see Arizona at all.

Callie then informs Arizona that she turned her life upside down for her but that Arizona walked away because Callie was cranky for a week, and says that this makes her untrustworthy and self-centered. The amazing thing is that everyone seems to truly be going with this version of the story. There has not been one voice of reason to point out that Callie was an incredibly whiny jerk who never truly supported her girlfriend's once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Yes, she agreed to move, but she never really committed to that or tried to make it work at all, and was at least as self-centered as Arizona was in the situation. I appear to be the only person who thinks this, though. Callie is sure that if she gives Arizona another chance she'll just be hurt again, so she doesn't want her back and yells, "Get your crap out of my apartment." Okay, maybe I'm not the only person who thinks this, since even Mark looks a little surprised at her reaction. After Callie storms off, Arizona tries to say that this is a good thing, because her being mad shows that she cares... right? She doesn't actually get an answer, though.

Mere and Cristina are at the hospital and it's like nothing happened at all as they babble about Mere's non-pregnancy and Cristina assures her that it's probably too early to get a positive test result and suggests that Mere should try a few tests to be sure. She then turns the subject to herself and declares that she did four surgeries yesterday and is doing three more today, which makes her unstoppable. I'm glad to see that once she shook the PTSD, she shook it 110%, wow. They're joined by Jackson, Alex, and April since they were all paged to meet the first year med students (who I mistakenly thought were the new interns when I watched this the first time, so my apologies for the rather inaccurate detail in the recaplet) who are there to observe for the day. None of them have any respect for the students even though Richard gives a nice speech about how they are the interns and residents of tomorrow.

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