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After his surgery, Teddy is watching Henry from the hallway when Bailey walks up and joins her. Teddy thinks she's about to get a lecture about how Richard is right about everything, but it's obvious the thought hadn't even occurred to Bailey. Instead, she wants to talk about her sexy fling with the murse. She claims she's not dating him and would never bring him home or introduce him to her son, but she grins and admits she's having fun. She then tells Teddy that he left a dirty note in a chart, and as Teddy sinks her head into her hands Bailey frets about what would have happened if someone other than her had found it. But even so, she is having fun and has decided that she's going to just go with it. It's not advice that really helps Teddy, but seeing flustered schoolgirl Bailey does cheer her up, and she looks back at her husband.

As Alex teaches Laurel about cadaver bones he drills a hole into one and I swear, because the bone matched the color of his gloves, I thought he was drilling a hole into his own finger and almost fainted. Fortunately it was just bone, and he hands it to Laurel to see, which is the last straw for poor April. Though Alex claims he is teaching (and laying some groundwork for later extracurriculars, but he doesn't say that part) April essentially tells on him and Mark backs her up and tells Alex that the students are only allowed to observe.

Over at the operating table, Mark and Arizona are still discussing her faults and Arizona guesses at what could be making Callie mad, such as her being passive aggressive and resenting obligation. She finally resorts to begging and Mark has to remind her that he'd side with Callie in a divorce (which is interesting because it also means he doesn't really believe this is the end for the two ladies.) Let it be noted that this is one of those scenes I wound up recapping by sound alone since the two of them are digging around in Sarah's face under her skin as they are talking and I nearly pulled a Fred when I saw it. Arizona says she knows that he and Callie are friends and likens their own relationship to siblings, but assures him he's like family. This just makes him add "patronizing" to her list.

When Henry comes to, Teddy is sitting on the bed with a cup of ice water for him. She explains about the cyst and the pancreas and then adds that she was consulted since she was his emergency contact, which it seems she didn't know until she was called to the floor by Richard. Henry calmly asks what she decided, and she explains it and tells him he might now be diabetic for the rest of his life, which will be a big adjustment. He jokes that he's already a breeding ground for tumors, so he knows about big adjustments. She tells him sincerely that she's sorry but he tells her he knows she's also mad, and sad music starts up so we know that she agrees.

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