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She reminds him that their deal was just about paperwork, and not life and death decision. In reply, he tells her about his family -- his parents died a few years earlier, his broke sister lives in Prague, and he doesn't like to bring up his problems with her since he knows they are exhausting. His best friend married a woman who sounds like a complete bitch since she also found his problems exhausting and seems to have broken them up. Since he also had to keep changing jobs because of the insurance he didn't have a lot of friends, but now considers her one. He claims he's not telling any of this to make her feel sorry for them and while I sort of believe it, it's hard to hear his tale of woe and not feel the tiniest bit manipulated, intentional or not. Thank goodness she can't actually hear the tragic music in the background too, or that would really push it over the edge. Because he considers her a friend, he put her down as his emergency contact, not because she is technically his wife. Still, don't you let your friends know when you're doing something like that? She's melted, though, and she takes his hand and they sit and talk about how it's going to suck to be diabetic.

When Brady wakes up Kyle and Callie are both there to see how he's doing. Kyle immediately starts to apologize again and Brady tells him he knows that he just wanted it to be special. He then manages to quiet Kyle so that he can say something before he falls asleep again, which is that he forgives him. He tells Kyle to stop apologizing and makes him promise not to make it up to him because he will probably kill him. Kyle laughs and kisses his hand, and Brady falls back to sleep. After watching this show of true love and forgiveness, Callie mulls it all over and walks out of the room.

She hands the chart over to Mere so that she can do the post-op assessment and then leaves. Once she's gone, Kira asks Meredith how long it takes, and Mere gets completely fed up and tells her to just go home. Kira seems surprised and assures Mere that it's fine but Mere points out that she's obviously not interested in learning since she spent all of a really rare surgery just looking at her phone, and any questions she asked were just about Derek, not about medicine. Kira isn't going to take this lying down and defends that Mere was sneaking off to the bathroom all day to take pregnancy tests (she saw one in her locker) and so she figured asking about her husband was the way to get on her good side.

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