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Amazingly, Mere looks like she realizes she screwed up somehow. How is that possible?? Mere may have been taking tests but she was still in with patients and in surgery, at one point making a point of trying to include Kira. She might not be the best teacher, but I refuse to believe that we're supposed to think she was shitty and self-centered all day when her student was TEXTING DURING SURGERY. WHO DOES THAT? Kira is the student, and Kira should have been making an effort to learn and not just talk with her boyfriend every second. I firmly maintain that she would have had ample chances to learn if she had done that. Are this show and I having some sort of communication breakdown? Because I have been getting really confused about whose side we are supposed to take and what we are supposed to think about people's actions since I seem to disagree with a lot of it these days.

Mere then joins the other residents in the locker room and they all fret about the evaluations, though Mere tries to brush it off and says no one will ever actually read them. Cue Richard, who walks in and reads choice pieces about each doc: Yang had no patience nor compassion, April was unwilling to delegate, Avery put his own learning before Edwards, and Mere seemed to have a lot going on personally. Seriously, I find that last one really rich. He finishes up by saying the only one who actually taught anything was Karev, which everyone else thinks is a joke. Richard declares that the rest of them failed big-time, and Alex just cackles at them all before leaving.

Sarah, her face bruised but now sporting cheekbones, is in with her parents hugging a volleyball that they brought for her. It's sweet, and Arizona is all smiles about it when she turns to Mark and admits that she doesn't know her worst faults because she doesn't like to think about them, so will he just please tell her what she needs to fess up to in order to get another chance from Callie. Mark tells her bluntly but not unkindly that when things get bad she bails. I've done enough ranting this hour, right? Let's just say that I refuse to believe what happened between Arizona and Callie was all Arizona's fault and both ladies could stand to take responsibility for that relationship meltdown.

April and Jackson get home and grab beers while they gripe about their evaluations. They're interrupted when Laurel walks in wearing just a t-shirt and a look of surprise to find the doctors in the kitchen when she just wanted a drink of water. Avery talks to her bare legs and tells them where they glasses are, and when she reaches up to get them he moves his wistful gaze up to her ass until April smacks him for it. Poor dude, losing out to Karev both at work and home.

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